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Are you missing out on potential revenue? How many more leads and customers could you get if you used marketing automation? Calculate the additional revenue you could be generating each month — in less than 5 minutes.

In an average month, how many leads does your company attract?

Estimate the number of people who express interest in buying your product or service through phone calls, emails, online inquiries, lead capture tools, etc. each month.

Of those leads, how many choose to buy from you right away?

Not sure? Research shows that about over half of your qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately.


When it comes to making a sale, timing is everything

That means there are leads who weren’t quite ready to buy from you this month, but who might be ready to buy soon.

Keeping in contact with those leads will keep you top of mind for when they are ready to move into the “ready to buy” group.

But if you don’t follow up with them, % of your monthly prospects will fall through the cracks.

Sales and marketing automation

Has the power to help you follow up, nurture and convert leads in your existing database. These are people that have expressed interest, but aren’t ready to buy from you right away.

What percentage do you think would eventually buy from you?

What would happen if you had the time & resources to stay in touch with those leads with personalized, automated follow-up messages?

While it depends on the industry and product, research shows that a good estimate would be between 50% and 80%.


Based on your estimated conversion rate

By following up with the people who didn’t buy right away, you’d be closing about more sales per month.

A groundbreaking assessment?

Maybe not. But worth repeating, because segmenting your leads and keeping in contact with them is so important. It’s really hard to try to follow up with everyone manually. You’d never get away from the computer. That’s where automation comes in.

How much revenue would one new customer mean for your business this month?

Your missed revenue results

Sales and marketing automation makes it simple to follow up, nuture and convert leads. See how much more revenue you could be making.

Missed Opportunities

leads are slipping through the cracks each month.

Most leads are generally not ready to buy when you first contact them. Staying in touch with those leads will keep you top of mind when they're ready to buy.

Potential growth

more potential sales per month.

What if Infusionsoft automatically sent your leads customized messages to educate them, share special offers and encourage them to buy when the time is right? By segmenting your leads and automatically following up with the people who don't buy right away, you could close more sales each month (based on your estimated conversion rate).

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You generate leads every month

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Of those leads, become sales

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Your current conversion rate is % of leads per month

Your monthly revenue could increase by


That’s a % increase from what you are currently making!

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