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What is the sales and marketing assessment?

It's a sales and marketing grader—a free, quick assessment of the strategies that are working for you (and which ones could use some improvement). We'll analyze your website, sales, and marketing activities to measure how well you attract leads, get more customers, and create repeat business. You'll get useful tips on how to improve your strategy to grow sales. Enter your website address and email to get started.

The assessment evaluates your website, sales and marketing based on how well you attract potential customers, get more customers through follow-up and create loyal customers.

Enter your website address and email to discover how you stack up against your competitors.

How does it work?

The assessment is based on Lifecycle Marketing, our proven methodology developed over 15 years helping small businesses succeed. Lifecycle Marketing uses the principles of attracting, selling and wowing to convert visitors into customers. Your sales and marketing will be evaluated on how well they perform in these three areas:

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Attract more leads

The "Attract" grade is based on the overall performance of your website, including how well it leverages content and social media to attract and capture new leads.

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Sell to more customers

Your "Sell" score is determined by your customer relationship management strategies. This includes how well you follow up with buyers and implement customer segmentation and targeting.

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Wow your customers

The "Wow" score measures your loyalty strategies and customer satisfaction. How well you create happy customers determines repeat purchases and referral business.

Your overall score is based on how well you leverage these three principles together. Based on your score, you’ll receive suggestions on how to improve your current marketing strategies. This will include useful tips on how to attract more leads, effectively upsell your brand and wow more customers.