TITIN and Infusionsoft

TITIN has become a more efficient and profitable company, thanks to the right sales and marketing automation software. The TITIN team now has time to focus on continually improving products to make sure customers have a reason to come back.

Taking care of customers

TITIN is showing the world that fitness gear doesn’t have to be bulky and cumbersome; their comfortable, confidence-boosting product is changing the way people train and exercise—and their customers are very passionate about that. TITIN uses Infusionsoft technology to ensure their customers feel like part of a community, providing personal attention and communication to each one of them. How do they do it?

Setting up the software

"CRM [customer relationship management] is the most important aspect of our business," states founder and CEO Patrick Whaley. Unfortunately, TITIN began their small business journey with a CRM that was not designed for small businesses. It was bulky and cumbersome. By the time TITIN was featured on the reality television series "Shark Tank", sales were picking up—but serving all those customers with a tool that wasn't designed for small business was killing TITIN’s efficiency.

The TITIN team discovered Infusionsoft technology through a partnership with Daymond John, host of "Shark Tank" and an Infusionsoft user. After adopting the Infusionsoft platform, TITIN's sales and marketing processes were quickly revolutionized. Tasks that took 30 minutes in the previous CRM were reduced to mere seconds. Improved efficiency allowed the TITIN team to focus on delivering quality customer service and innovating their product.

Patrick Whaley, CEO

We have to make sure that we capitalize on every opportunity. Infusionsoft helps
us to do that.

Patrick Whaley, CEO

TITIN is flexible and form-fitting and it adapts to any environment. That’s exactly what Infusionsoft provides any small business.

Infusionsoft in action

Like all small businesses, TITIN can't afford to overlook a single customer. "We have to capitalize on every opportunity," says Patrick. "Infusionsoft helps us do that." To provide such a high level of personal attention, TITIN manages and tracks engagement with Infusionsoft technology. Using the email broadcast feature, TITIN send promotions, product updates, and other news to the right people at the right time. Infusionsoft also allows the TITIN team to automate the tedious tasks of data entry and mining. As a result, Infusionsoft has grown its sales 400% while reducing the time spent on sales and marketing activities.

How TITIN does it

There are infinite ways to succeed with a powerful, adaptable platform like Infusionsoft. Below is TITIN’s unique recipe with the software, and how they have used it to grow their business and create a community around their brand.

Marketing with Campaign Builder

Because the Infusionsoft platform is so highly customizable, the possibilities are endless. To save time and create repeatable processes, TITIN leverages the Campaign Builder feature to create and manage interactions personalized to every individual in the database. But TITIN didn’t have to build all of the campaigns from scratch; they downloaded ready-made campaign templates from the Infusionsoft Marketplace, where they could choose from hundreds of existing campaigns that have been tried and tested by other successful small businesses.

Campaign Builder in Action

The following campaigns are available to Infusionsoft customers in the Marketplace.

  • Newsletter campaign

    TITIN uses the email broadcast feature to send news, information, and product updates to customers who have opted in to their newsletter. The Capture Leads with a Free Newsletter campaign is ready-made and available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace
  • Outfit the Troops Campaign

    This campaign enables TITIN customers to purchase and donate gear to U.S. troops stationed overseas. A similar campaign, the Holiday Sale campaign, is ready-made and available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace
  • Quotes and Invoicing

    TITIN uses Infusionsoft’s quotes and invoicing feature to create and manage custom quotes, and send them to directly clients via the Campaign Builder. Once a client accepts the quote, the Infusionsoft platform converts it into an order and creates a balance.

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Services TITIN has found useful

TITIN utilizes services within the Infusionsoft community to better understand the software and gain clarity on their technical and business-related questions.

One-on-one consulting

One-on-one consulting provided TITIN with the individualized coaching they needed to fully channel the power of Infusionsoft. Customizable consulting allows any Infusionsoft user to create a plan that meets their one-time or ongoing support needs.

Help Center

TITIN finds Infusionsoft support especially helpful in solving the challenges that every business faces when using a technology platform. Whether it’s through the live online chat function or simply calling Infusionsoft support, the TITIN team can always access the resource that will provide the right answers.

Educational resources that helped TITIN

TITIN takes advantage of the abundance of educational resources within the Infusionsoft community to get the freshest marketing strategies and grow with Infusionsoft.

Knowledge Center

TITIN utilizes the host of resources (webinars, in particular) in Infusionsoft’s content library, which educates small business owners on a variety of
marketing topics.

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