Fitness Gear Challenges the Status Quo

TITIN has taken its weighted compression gear from a dorm room prototype to a product favored by military generals and professional sports teams. Utilizing sales and marketing technology enables TITIN to continually innovate, and inspire a movement in the fitness industry.

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Georgia, USA

How it all began

Patrick Whaley has been challenging the status quo nearly his entire life. He was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, and was told that would prevent him from getting into a four-year college. He was not to be deterred. While pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at Georgia Tech, Patrick began developing the weighted compression gear that would become TITIN’s signature product.

Fed up with the bulk of typical training weights, Patrick wanted to design training gear that felt like a part of the user’s own body and could be worn under regular clothing. After several seamstresses told him no such thing could be done, Patrick took his grandmother's sewing machine, watched sewing tutorials on YouTube, and sewed his first prototype.

"When you first start a company there's so many naysayers. There’s so many people that'll tell you it can't be done, why it can't be done, why you shouldn’t do it." — Patrick Whaley, CEO, TITIN

Making it work

TITIN initially envisioned marketing their gear only to athletes. That vision completely changed in May 2009, when Patrick became a victim of an armed robbery and was shot in the chest. After a dissatisfying bout of physical therapy, he gave TITIN's weighted compression gear a try. He noticed more improvement in two weeks of using TITIN’s gear than he did with six weeks of physical therapy.

It was this experience that showed Patrick the potential TITIN had. He realized that TITIN's product could revolutionize the way people view fitness and recover from injuries. He just needed an environment in which he could promote TITIN and engage with the fitness community.

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Modernizing the business with technology

By the time the company was featured on the reality television show "Shark Tank" in 2014, TITIN had a clear vision and the passion to get there. The missing link? Sales and marketing technology to grow the business from the inside out. TITIN was using a CRM platform that Patrick describes as “too cumbersome and bulky” for a company of its size.

"Shark Tank" host Daymond John introduced TITIN to Infusionsoft's sales and marketing software, which could automatically perform repetitive, tedious processes like data entry and email follow-up. This enabled the TITIN team to put greater time and energy into more pressing business priorities. The team was free to pursue more strategic projects, such as quality certification and manufacturing efficiencies.

At the same time, prospects and customers received a higher level of attention with personalized email campaigns powered by Infusionsoft technology on the back end—and sales soared.

The growth

At the time TITIN was featured on "Shark Tank", they were already selling out of inventory.

The right technology took TITIN to the next level; TITIN can now connect with their customers on a personal level with greater efficiency. They’re able to provide one-on-one interactions, which create the sense of community and camaraderie their customers crave. Automating these personalized interactions enables TITIN to focus on growing the business even more, which requires continual innovation.

TITIN now serves customers all over the world. Their product is used by professional athletic teams such as the Springboks rugby team in South Africa and the Pittsburg Steelers American football team in the U.S. They’re expanding into physical stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, and are beginning to enter new markets—such as security and defense.

"Infusionsoft allows you to connect with your customers in a way that no other CRM allows you to do." — Patrick Whaley, CEO, TITIN

Where are they going?

TITIN has a vision to change the status quo in fitness. They envision their gear replacing the bulky weights currently favored by the fitness industry, and are fueling the movement that inspires people to train in gear that works with their bodies—not against them. TITIN leaders understand that, in order to scale TITIN and continue revolutionizing the fitness industry, they must surround themselves with people that can do what they can't. That means leveraging sales and marketing technology, as well as the knowledge and expertise of those around them, to bring their vision for TITIN to life.

Patrick Whaley, CEO, TITIN

What separates the successful entrepreneurs from everybody else is that you are relentless in what you’re trying to achieve and if you have the passion and the fortitude, nothing can stop you.

Patrick Whaley, CEO, TITIN

I think running a business is very similar to fitness. You’re always pushing yourself, you’re always striving to be better, and you’re always striving for perfection.

A better customer experience with Infusionsoft

Through constant innovation and online engagement, TITIN seeks to inspire their customers and fuel a movement in the fitness industry—and the Infusionsoft platform is their secret sauce.

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