Rock and Rapid Adventures and Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has helped a team of adventure specialists create a customer community by maximizing their use of sales and marketing automation. Learn how they scaled the business.

Taking care of customers

Since Rock and Rapid employees are constantly off hosting adventures, they use Infusionsoft technology to manage a steady stream of current and future customers who want to stay in touch. This enables them to stay in front of customers and attend to their particular needs while on the go. Providing this high level of customer service remotely means harnessing powerful technology; how does Rock and Rapid do it?

Setting up the software

Rock and Rapid came to Infusionsoft with the need for a solution for automated email. They needed a way to regularly stay in front of customers and follow up with prospects when staff was off hosting excursions. The company purchased Infusionsoft software through Partner David Holland at EXELA Limited, who trained the team on how to leverage the platform. Once they had the basics, Rock and Rapid worked with another Partner, Ashley Marshall at JumpWorks, to dive deeper into the software.

Keith Crockford, Managing Director, Rock and Rapid Adventures

We're just trying to create a community within Rock and Rapid Adventures now and Infusionsoft is allowing us to do that.

Keith Crockford, Managing Director, Rock and Rapid Adventures

Infusionsoft has allowed us to build fans and we are starting to see the benefits of this.

Infusionsoft in action

In order to create a sense of community with their customers, Rock and Rapid uses Infusionsoft technology to ensure that customers like and trust the brand from the start, and that they can find answers to any question they might have. They leverage Infusionsoft’s e-commerce capabilities to collect and process trip payments, and to set up subscription plans for customers who prefer a monthly payment plan. Automating these processes makes it possible for Rock and Rapid to focus on providing great customer service, instead of being bogged down by day-to-day activities.

How Rock and Rapid does it

There are infinite ways to succeed with a platform as customizable as Infusionsoft. Below is Rock and Rapid’s unique use of the software, and how they have used it to scale their business.

Marketing with Campaign Builder

Because the Infusionsoft platform is so highly customizable, the possibilities are endless. To save time and create repeatable processes, Rock and Rapid leverages the Campaign Builder feature to manage their customer journey, which they look at like a river. Prospects and new customers are taken through the same campaign in getting to know Rock and Rapid as a company, and are then routed down different campaigns (tributaries, if you will) based on their interests. But Rock and Rapid didn’t have to build all of the campaigns from scratch; they downloaded ready-made campaign templates from the Infusionsoft Marketplace, where they could choose from hundreds of existing campaigns that have been tried and tested by other successful small businesses in the past.

Campaign Builder in action

The following campaigns are available to Infusionsoft customers in the Marketplace.

  • Know, Like, and Trust Campaign

    Rock and Rapid created this 52-week campaign to build trust and stay top of mind with their customers. A similar campaign, the Long Term Prospect Nurture campaign, is ready-made and available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace
  • Birthday Card Campaign

    Rock and Rapid uses this ready-made campaign from the Infusionsoft Marketplace to turn customers into fans by sending them a voucher for free rock climbing on their birthday. This campaign, Birthday Reminders, is available for download in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace
  • Squeeze Page Campaign

    Rock and Rapid created this campaign to follow up with prospects interested in booking trips through their subsidiary, The Bucket List Company. A similar campaign, the Automated Lead Follow-Up campaign, is ready-made and available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace

Working with an Infusionsoft partner

Available through the Infusionsoft Marketplace is a group of trusted Partners, who are trained and certified in using the Infusionsoft platform. Because the Infusionsoft platform is so robust and customizable, many customers find getting set up with a Partner very beneficial. Partners provide specialized consultation, and ensure customers get the right amount of interaction they need to move their business forward.

David Holland from EXELA Limited

Having worked with two Infusionsoft Partners, Rock and Rapid understands the value Partners provide and the unique insights they’re able to bring to a business. The first Partner they worked with, David Holland at EXELA Limited, introduced them to the basics and taught them technical aspects of the Infusionsoft platform. Rock and Rapid is currently working with Ashley Marshall at JumpWorks, who focuses more on marketing and how Rock and Rapid can utilize Infusionsoft technology to run their business.

Matt Sims, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, JumpWorks

I think the role we play as a partner is to keep them infused, remind them of the value that it offers, and keep helping them deliver their own results using their app.

Marketplace apps they use and love

Utilizing apps from the Marketplace allows Rock and Rapid to increase the overall efficiency of their sales and marketing processes and create a community that inspires and educates their customers.


Rock and Rapid uses CustomerHub—Infusionsoft’s membership management software—to store important trip information and videos. CustomerHub makes it possible for Rock and Rapid to segment customers based on the trip they purchased, and give them access to necessary content for that particular trip.

Services Rock and Rapid has found useful

Rock and Rapid utilizes services within the Infusionsoft community to better understand the software and gain clarity on any technical or business-related questions they have.

Infusionsoft User Groups

Across the globe, Infusionsoft users meet regularly to discuss business strategies and tactics and to share innovative uses of the software. Rock and Rapid finds the Infusionsoft user groups particularly useful for solving technical issues, gathering marketing inspiration, and connecting with other small business owners.

Help Center

Rock and Rapid finds Infusionsoft support especially helpful in solving the challenges that every business faces when using a technology platform. Whether it’s through the live online chat function or simply calling one of their contacts at Infusionsoft, the Rock and Rapid team can always access the resource that will provide the right answers.

Educational resources that helped Rock and Rapid

Rock and Rapid takes advantage of the abundance of educational resources within the Infusionsoft community to learn marketing tips and strategies and to grow with Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Knowledge Center

Rock and Rapid relies on Infusionsoft’s blog for small business success tips and resources for personal and professional growth, as well as free, downloadable campaigns showcased each month.

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