Milkhouse and Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft has enabled Eric and Janet Sparrow to create a better experience for their customers. By maximizing their use of the software and immersing themselves in the Infusionsoft community, they have been able to take their business, Milkhouse Candles, on the path to success.

Taking care of customers

When it comes down to it, the Milkhouse team uses Infusionsoft to take care of their current and future customers. That means staying in contact on a regular basis and sending messages that pertain to their specific needs—essentially, treating them in a way that makes them want to stay loyal to the brand. Doing it for thousands of customers means harnessing powerful technology; how does Milkhouse do it?

Setting up the software

Eric and Janet came to Infusionsoft with the need for a CRM and a solution for automated email. They needed a way to guide customers through the candle buying process while building quality, long-lasting relationships with them. Eric had an idea of the system he wanted to build, but knew he needed help getting started in order to build that out. He turned to the Infusionsoft community to ensure he got the most out of his Infusionsoft investment. Infusionsoft Partner Dobbin Buck and his team at GetUWired helped Eric implement Infusionsoft; once he was up and running, Eric attended on-site training at Infusionsoft University and really dove into the software.

Eric Sparrow, CEO

Infusionsoft has allowed our business to truly take care of our customers in ways that we never could prior to Infusionsoft.

Eric Sparrow, CEO

It's not about mass e-mails. It's about giving your customers what they're asking for.

Infusionsoft in action

In order to effectively take care of its customers, Milkhouse uses Infusionsoft technology to automate both internal and external processes of the company. Segmented campaigns and automated emails ensure Milkhouse customers receive only the content that pertains to them. Within Milkhouse, Infusionsoft is used to remind employees to complete tasks and follow up with customers. Utilizing Infusionsoft in these ways makes it possible for the Milkhouse team to focus on maintaining efficient customer service—rather than the tedious day-to-day activities.

How Milkhouse does it

There are infinite ways to succeed with software that's as customizable as Infusionsoft. Below is Milkhouse's unique recipe with our software, and how they have used that to grow their business.

Marketing with Campaign Builder

Because the Infusionsoft platform is so highly customizable, the possibilities are endless. To save time and create repeatable processes, Milkhouse leverages the Campaign Builder feature to manage sales and marketing. Starting with the Snap app, Milkhouse representatives can capture a wholesaler or prospect's information and automatically route them through a campaign, send simple reminders that help their team follow up, and prevent leads from falling through the cracks. But they didn't have to build the campaigns from scratch; they downloaded ready-made campaign templates from the Infusionsoft Marketplace, where they could choose from hundreds of existing campaigns that have been tried and tested by other successful small businesses in the past.

Campaign Builder in Action

The following campaigns are available to Infusionsoft customers in the Marketplace.

  • Newsletter Campaign

    Milkhouse customers who have opted into the company's "Five O'Clock Friday" newsletter automatically receive a message each week at the same time. A similar campaign, the Newsletter Signup and Preference Center, is ready-made and available for download in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace
  • Internal Sales Campaign

    Milkhouse created this campaign for internal use to remind their sales team to follow up with customers. A similar campaign, the Simple Lead Capture campaign, is ready-made and available for download in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace
  • Trade Show Campaign

    Milkhouse created this campaign to immediately follow up with prospects they meet at trade shows. A similar campaign, the Live Event Networking campaign, is ready-made and available for download in the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

    View in Marketplace

Attending events in the Infusionsoft community

Infusionsoft hosts a variety of events that are designed to educate Infusionsoft users (of all proficiency levels) and ignite the passions of small business owners worldwide. Taking the time to attend these events and invest in Milkhouse gave Eric the focus he needed to immerse himself in the software and build the system he envisioned.

Infusionsoft University

Eric attended University—Infusionsoft's on-site software training—where he learned to focus on the quality of contacts and the relationship he builds with them, rather than just spamming lists and hoping he snags a customer. University introduced him to strategies that changed the way he thought about online marketing and inspired him to attend the annual ICON conference.


After attending his first ICON (Infusionsoft's annual user conference) Eric swore to never miss another one. He gained a host of actionable information not just about Infusionsoft, but also about small business in general. After hearing Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask's moving keynote speech and running into his University instructor, Eric couldn't resist signing up for Elite Forum.

Elite Forum

Attending Infusionsoft's professional development program, Elite Forum, turned out to be a game changer for Milkhouse. It was here (after day one) that Janet saw the potential Milkhouse had and decided to quit her occupational therapy job, work for Milkhouse full-time as the VP of People, and join Eric on their journey to promote the soy message worldwide.

Eric Sparrow, CEO

University really taught me that if you focus on the ability of those contacts, the relationships that you build—that's what it's all about.

Working with an Infusionsoft partner

Available through the Infusionsoft Marketplace is a group of trusted Partners, who are trained and certified in using Infusionsoft's software. Because the Infusionsoft platform is so robust and customizable, many customers find getting set up with a Partner very beneficial.

Dobbin Buck from GetUWired

Partners provide specialized consultation, and ensure customers get the right amount of interaction they need to move their business forward.

Eric worked with Dobbin Buck and his team at GetUWired to get Infusionsoft up and running in Milkhouse. Dobbin and his team continue to be a valuable resource in supporting Milkhouse with as much or as little help as they need.

Eric Sparrow, CEO

Working with Dobbin Buck and GetUWired, honestly, I would say, has been one of the best things we have done for our business.

Marketplace apps they use and love

Utilizing apps from the Marketplace allowed Milkhouse to integrate their marketing efforts with the Infusionsoft platform and increased overall efficiency of their sales and marketing processes.


Snap allows you to store a prospect as a contact in the Infusionsoft platform (simply by taking a picture of their business card) and immediately route them through a campaign. This app plays an integral part in helping Milkhouse follow up with prospects they meet at trade shows.

Fix Your Funnel

Fix Your Funnel allows you to better manage your communication activity by integrating it with Infusionsoft. The Milkhouse team uses Fix Your Funnel to track inbound and outbound phone calls, increasing their efficiency in communicating with prospects.


GroSocial seamlessly integrates your social media marketing efforts with the Infusionsoft platform. Milkhouse uses GroSocial to manage and track activity on social media, as well as capture leads that flow directly into Infusionsoft.

Services Milkhouse has found useful

Milkhouse utilizes services within the Infusionsoft community to better understand the software and gain clarity on their technical and business-related questions.

Help Center

Within the Help Center lies the answer to any Infusionsoft user's question. Whether it's utilizing live online chat or simply calling one of their contacts at Infusionsoft, the Milkhouse team is directed to the resource that will provide the right answers.

Educational resources that helped Milkhouse

Milkhouse takes advantage of the abundance of educational resources within the Infusionsoft community to learn marketing tips and strategies and to grow with Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Knowledge Center

Milkhouse relies on Infusionsoft's blog for small business success tips and resources for personal and professional growth, as well as free, downloadable campaigns showcased each month.

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