Cleancorp achieves 275% growth

Like many hardworking small businesses, Cleancorp enjoyed early success. But the team was quickly overwhelmed by daily office tasks and unable to focus on new business—leading to great frustration and missed opportunities. Enter Infusionsoft.

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Sydney, Australia

Ambition, chaos, and a missing piece

Today, Cleancorp is a successful commercial cleaning company based in Sydney, Australia. In two decades of running the business, co-founders Lisa and Hamish Macqueen have learned what it takes to succeed: passion, of course, but also a growth mindset—backed by smart strategy and the technology to make it all possible.

When Cleancorp was founded nearly 20 years ago, sales and marketing automation was virtually unheard of. The company grew to the best of its ability in the early stages, but over the years found that it lacked the organization and processes to reliably attract, convert, and retain customers.

Without a budget for advertising staff, the Macqueens were stuck working late nights and early mornings to hit their sales goals. Their list of contacts was a jumbled mess of papers. They had no metrics or information on prospects and no way to measure ROI.

The company had ambitious goals, but potential revenue was continually slipping through the cracks. Cleancorp needed a way to establish sustainable, scalable growth. Lisa recounts, "We needed to make some changes. That’s really where it all began." The only way forward was to formulate a solid strategy, and invest in the systems and processes required to execute it.

"We had to get smart about how we marketed the business," explains Lisa. When she found Infusionsoft, she knew immediately that it was just what the company needed: an automation system powerful enough to handle the grand plans that Cleancorp had in mind.

Moment of truth

Growth took off once Cleancorp implemented campaigns in Infusionsoft. Within 18 months, the company had expanded nationally. In just over two years, the company was international. Potential customers were calling them (instead of the other way around), and they were capturing and closing leads.

The results

Today, Cleancorp uses Infusionsoft to implement a personalized, automated sales and marketing strategy. They segment prospects by the type of cleaning they want and number of services needed per week, and create highly targeted, location-specific messaging to speak to their needs. Since implementing the Infusionsoft platform, Cleancorp has experienced a dramatic growth; 275% revenue increase from $1 million to $3.75 million, and 145% increase in customer lifetime value.

The rewards have been personal, and not just for the company’s founders. Eight administrative staff and 120 cleaners are now employed by Cleancorp. Customers enjoy a delightful experience from the moment they engage with Cleancorp, such as a welcome email personally introducing the cleaning professional who will serve their business once they onboard. As for the Macqueens, they have the freedom to make their own business decisions, and spend more time with their three daughters outside of work.

In 2014, Cleancorp won the Infusionsoft Small Business ICON Award, which recognizes small businesses doing great things. The Macqueens' passion is now teaching and coaching other cleaning business owners on how to transform their businesses – and lives – with Infusionsoft, now that they have experienced return on investment firsthand, they are sharing their success and expertise with other cleaning business owners in their new business, Cleaning Marketer, which helps cleaning businesses attract more prospects, make more sales and keep their clients longer. In Lisa’s words: "We are improving our lives and the lives of other cleaning business owners, every day."

Key results

Increased annual revenue from $1.2M to $3.75M

Decreased workweek from 50 hours to 32 hours

Takes 40+ vacation 
days per year

More than doubled their numbers with over 120 new customers

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