Deliver. Satisfy. Repeat.

Deliver. Satisfy. Repeat.

How to earn customer loyalty and retention

Infusionsoft Brand Journalist, Andrea Parker, shares a number of suggestions to help create a smooth, consistent customer experience that turns casual customers into a reliable source of repeat business. In addition to learning Andrea’s tips on customer loyalty and retention, you’ll learn:

  • Earn their trust by always delivering on your promise, whether it's a shipping timeframe or the quality of a product or service
  • Be social and engage with your customers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
  • Create a smooth, easy browsing and purchasing experience on your website
  • Stay in touch after the purchase with upsell offers, exclusive discounts or new product announcements

Enticing customers to return

Creating trust is vital for building customer loyalty and retention. Tell your customers that not only is their privacy valued by your business and their payments are secure, but you make promises you can keep—and then make sure you keep them. Did you quote a two-day delivery timeframe? Did you tell them their satisfaction is guaranteed? Always follow through. Show your customers that when you say you’ll do something, it will be done.

One helpful hint for online retailers is to start accepting PayPal as well as credit cards. It may not always be the best payment options for a small business, but there is a certain amount of inherent trust in PayPal by those who frequent online shops.

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