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Do you know a small business that wants to grow sales and save time? Make a huge difference in their success through the Infusionsoft referral program.

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Sign up to join the Infusionsoft referral program. You’ll automatically receive a unique referral link to share with your network.

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Share your unique link with anyone who can benefit from Infusionsoft’s sales and marketing automation software and small business services.

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Step 3

For everyone you refer who becomes a customer, you’ll receive $500 via PayPal. Go back to Step 1 and repeat—there’s no limit to the rewards you can earn!

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Who should join the referral program?

Anyone with the desire to help other small businesses succeed (and a valid email address).

Who should I refer to Infusionsoft?

Our software is perfect for businesses that have been around for at least two years and have at least two employees. But every business is different, so don't hesitate to refer anyone you think is a good fit and our experts will take it from there.

What happens once I refer a customer?

Once a referral clicks your link and submits their information, they’ll see a demo of what Infusionsoft can do. If they’re interested in what we do, they can request to be contacted immediately for a personalized consultation.

How do I get my $500 reward?

If someone clicks your link, signs up for a consultation, and becomes a customer for at least 30 days, you’ll receive $500 in your PayPal account.

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