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"If we had 2,000 customers, we made 2,000 phone calls. Just to get a phone call out to everybody was a huge amount of work. Now, we have a follow-up sequence of emails, with phone calls interspersed in it, and customers go through that follow-up sequence until they renew." Damien Sanchez, Mosquito Squad

Even the most organized sales reps have a hard time knowing exactly where their leads stand. Where did the last conversation leave off? What is the opportunity size? When will the deal close? It is also difficult for business owners to get a high-level overview of their pipeline, sales team productivity, and projected revenues.

The Infusionsoft platform stores interactions, tasks, and appointments all in one place—integrated with your CRM for a 360-degree view of sales and marketing activities. Customize pipelines to automatically distribute leads, score the hottest prospects, sell to individuals or accounts, link multiple contacts, track deals through the process, and forecast future sales. It's a systematized, predictable way to convert more leads into customers, with less effort and in a shorter amount of time.


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