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"It really takes our relationship to another level. A lot of companies may be providing similar information, but not the same level of service." Lamar Tyler, Tyler New Media

You need to send updates, newsletters, and promotions to your list of contacts. But only relevant content is going to move the needle. And that means keeping track of crucial details about everyone in your database, then customizing emails based on their interests.

Or does it? Infusionsoft's marketing automation feature is integrated with our behavior-based CRM, so you can segment contacts into lists based on activity like clicks, opens, purchases, payment history, and other behavior (not just demographic characteristics). Send personalized, relevant messages from behind the scenes to deliver the right stuff to the right person at the right time—without having to write individual messages every time.


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Are you maximizing profits from email marketing? Find out now in this free webinar from Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer.

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