Convert contacts to customers

"Infusionsoft is the best value for what you're going to pay." Sean Kelly, HUMAN Healthy Vending

Maybe you're getting a lot of website traffic, or you have a long list of contacts who just aren't buying. The problem isn't getting more leads—it's following up with the ones you already have. The reality is that most people need to be contacted a few times before they are ready to purchase.

The Infusionsoft platform lets you connect with the people who really want to buy from you (and we're not talking about email blasts to your entire contact list). Pull more people through the sales funnel faster by customizing emails and automatically sending different versions to different contacts based on their actions (like clicks, opens, purchases, payment history, and other user behavior criteria). When they're ready to make a purchase, you'll be top of mind.


Convert leads to paying customers

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