Sales Automation

Simplify your sales cycle and maximize revenue

Close more deals faster

Leads are great, but paying customers are better. You could spend money hiring a huge sales team. You could make more cold calls. Or—for a fraction of the cost—you could use sales management software to get even better results. With the powerful Infusionsoft app running your sales machine from behind the scenes, there's no stopping you from reaching your full revenue potential.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is a data-driven way to assess your prospects' likelihood to buy, based on their actions. It runs constantly in the background, so you can focus on the hottest leads and prioritize your daily call list to get more paying customers.

  • Automatically assign a score based on tags you create or a contact's activities
  • View scores in real time, adding and subtracting points according to your criteria
  • Adjust the settings any time, so it's totally customized to your business

Quotes and orders

Create, manage, and share custom quotes directly from the Infusionsoft app. It's like having another employee, helping you move and track customers through your pipeline.

  • Send email notifications to sales reps when quotes are accepted or declined
  • Allow customers to accept a quote with one click and pay online
  • Automatically convert quotes into orders and create a balance
Macbook screenshot of Infusionsoft's Application of orders feature

Pipeline management

What if your sales process was streamlined, repeatable, and made you more productive? What if you knew how much revenue to expect every month, and which products were selling best? Infusionsoft sales management tools let you do that, without the manual work normally required.

  • Automate follow-up reminders to help your sales team reach revenue goals faster
  • View reports with revenue broken down by product, lead source, and dozens of other metrics
  • Train new sales team members with a scalable system already in place
  • Find confidence in accurate forecasts, knowing exactly which prospect needs what, and sales cycle trends that show you what works and what doesn't

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