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Turn every screen into an online storefront

Let your website do the work with a professional storefront, shopping cart, and order forms

With Infusionsoft's e-commerce tools, you can use customizable templates to sell your products, services or subscriptions online. Use Infusionsoft's storefront, or build your own—either way, your customers can checkout through the Infusionsoft shopping cart.

Ever gotten an email that tells you to buy something that you’ve already purchased? That won’t happen with the Infusionsoft shopping cart. Every purchase in a contact’s order history is communicated back to the CRM and stored in their profile, so you can create promotions you know your customers will love.

Flexible tools for your most creative promotional ideas

If there's a special offer you'd like to send out, you can use order forms to create a unique check-out link—that way, you can send your special offer only to specific groups on your list (with separate pricing, messaging, etc). This allows you speak directly to your customers' behaviors without having to personally call or email every contact in your database. You can even segment your promotions by events, holidays, locations, purchase history, date, promo codes—the sky's the limit.

If you're interested in setting up a recurring revenue stream, you can even offer free trials on your subscription products.

Total control over your e-commerce and payment processing, no code necessary

With Infusionsoft managing your sales pipeline, you can set up actions that trigger when a sales rep updates an opportunity record. This allows you to create strategic, automated follow-up sequences that are specific to the prospect's stage of the cycle.

You (or your sales team) can create an opportunity record for each prospect that enters your sales pipeline. From that point on, you can guide the prospect through the sales stages, nurturing them until they are ready to buy. It's your sales cycle, simplified.

Refine your e-commerce process with the professionalism of post-purchase automation

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Referral program management: word-of-mouth marketing accelerated

Grow your business faster than ever with an army of referral partners. Create a custom referral program, provide partners with a portal to access marketing materials, and then watch the revenue roll in. Plus, Infusionsoft keeps track of the commissions for you.

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