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Everyone you know has a Facebook account. That's safe to assume because a quarter of the world's population uses Facebook. This high usage turns Facebook into the ideal advertising platform for your small business: you can attract new leads by placing targeted ads within users' news feeds. Facebook Lead Ads, a Facebook ad product launched in late 2015, takes Facebook advertising a step further. Facebook Lead Ads are normal Facebook ads, but with a form that's prefilled with Facebook users' email addresses. That way, users can submit their info to advertisers with just one click and without ever leaving Facebook to go to a landing page. And now you can use the ad tool to attract and convert more leads with Zapier and Infusionsoft.

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Infusionsoft Payments is seamlessly integrated into Infusionsoft’s CRM, taking the effort of booking sales out of your hands and giving you the opportunity to create powerful campaigns to generate repeat sales. Plus, there is no monthly cost. It’s free to set up, and (unlike many other payment services) there’s no additional monthly charge to use Payments. Within minutes (for most clients) you can begin accepting payments at a rate of 2.9 percent and 30 cents per transaction in the United States and Canada, and 1.9 percent and 20 pence per transaction in the UK.

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We understand that solopreneurs and small businesses of fewer than five people feel the pinch of time and resources more than any other business type. When time and resources are limited, technology can help a bit, but often adds a new challenge: keeping track of all the contact information in your various apps (Gmail, QuickBooks, etc.), making it hard to keep track of who needs to hear from you. When you're already strapped, wrangling all your information around important relationships can seem next to impossible. If this strikes a chord, you’ll be pleased to know that Infusionsoft is launching a solution to your problems.

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Gone are the days of yearly releases, semi-annual releases, and even monthly releases for Infusionsoft. Over the years, we have shortened up the time for getting updates to our platform into the hands of partners and customers. For roughly the past three years, we’ve been releasing updates monthly. But partners, customers, and the industry demand that we move even more swiftly, and we are answering that call.

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Do you remember digital alarm clocks? They were pretty simple: you set a time to wake up and when the alarm rang, if you hit snooze, a fixed period of time passed before the alarm unleashed another obnoxious slumber disruption. These days, most smart devices still retain basic alarm functionality, but there are also other bells and whistles that their relatives could have only dreamed of. I use my iPhone set to wake me with a specific song each work week morning. This way, I don't have to remember to turn off my alarm on Friday night if I want to sleep in on Saturday morning. On the surface of your alarm, there is the basic functionality, but when you dig in a bit deeper, you discover tricks and features, like using a song for an alarm or adjusting the message it displays when it goes off.

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