Infusionsoft Releases New Outlook Integration

Entrepreneurial Small Businesses Can Now Practice Excellent Follow-up Marketing from within their E-mail Client

Gilbert, Ariz. - April 22, 2009 - Infusionsoft, the leader in marketing automation software for growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small businesses, today announced that its flagship Web-based solution now integrates with Microsoft's Outlook e-mail program. The integration will allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to dramatically boost productivity and save valuable time by seamlessly integrating their existing Outlook account with Infusionsoft to easily follow up with customers and prospects to accelerate growth.

?Adding more daily functionality like this just makes all the difference in saving me time and money,? said Sean Greeley of Net Profit Explosion. ?I?d estimate that not having to go look up e-mail addresses in Infusionsoft, and then send them from Infusionsoft or Outlook, saves us 15 min per day times five days per week, equal to 1.25 hours per week, which equals five hours per month and 60 hours per year!?

?I continue to be deeply satisfied with my integration experience,? said Philippa Kennealy of The Entrepreneurial MD. ?I figure it's saving me many minutes a day because I no longer have to go back and forth and paste content between the two. I now can do it all centrally, while knowing that all my client communications are in one place and available on the Web.?

In response to customer requests for Outlook integration, Infusionsoft has created a solution that lets users tap into the power of Infusionsoft while staying within their established workflow. The new Outlook integration features includes:

  • Add a new person: Users can now add a person to their Infusionsoft database from within their Outlook application, or search for existing contacts by name.
  • Attachment support: Users can now add any attached files to the File Box under the related person in Infusionsoft. Additionally, several smart settings help manage image attachments and other attachment types.
  • Infusionsoft Address Book: Users can quickly and easily e-mail Infusionsoft contacts through Outl
  • Infusionsoft follow-up tasks: Users can now set follow-up tasks and Outlook reminders from within Outlook and have them automatically recorded into Infusionsoft.

"Our customers were clamoring for a way to integrate Infusionsoft into their established work routines and make it a core part of their business operations,"said Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft. "This technology development is another step toward revolutionizing the way small businesses grow, making it even easier for entrepreneurs to use Infusionsoft to grow their business."

Outlook integration is currently available in Pro and Deluxe accounts, and additional premium features will be available soon.

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