Infusionsoft Now Integrates with Gmail, One of the Most Popular Email Systems for Small Businesses

Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail helps small businesses increase productivity and save time

(Chandler, AZ, - May 20, 2013) - Infusionsoft, creator of the all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses, today announces it has added a new free feature with the introduction of Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail™. The Gmail integration was acquired from an Infusionsoft Marketplace Partner, Benji Rabhan and the team at AutomationCore.

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“This is going to make the lives of Infusionsoft users who rely on Gmail to conduct business a whole lot easier,” says Richard Tripp, chief product officer for Infusionsoft. “More Infusionsoft users use Gmail as their email system than any other, including Outlook. Our customers have frequently requested access to contact information, calendar syncing and the ability to trigger sales automation from inside Gmail. Now, without leaving their Gmail inbox, customers can centralize contacts and communications, view Infusionsoft appointments and trigger sales automation. Our customers are going to see a huge boost in productivity with Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail™.”

“Our Gmail integration has been one of the most popular listings in the Infusionsoft Marketplace for a while now,” said Rabhan. “As a company that employs Infusionsoft Certified Consultants, I'm glad to know Infusionsoft pays close attention to the Marketplace and listens to what its customers want. I take great pride in knowing that this highly desired feature has been acquired and is now part of Infusionsoft.”

Key Benefits and Features of Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail™:

  • Centralize Contacts and Communications:
    • Centralize Contacts - Save time and boost productivity by easily accessing Infusionsoft contact records in Gmail. Users can also search for specific contact records from the sidebar. If an email isn't associated with a contact in Infusionsoft, the contact information can now be added within Gmail and saved to Infusionsoft.
    • View Interactions - Sales people no longer have to toggle between Infusionsoft and Gmail to get a full picture of past interactions with a contact. The sidebar displays a comprehensive contact profile including tasks, appointments, notes, tags and more.
    • Email & Calendar Synchronization - Save time and ensure all sales activities and communications are recorded by syncing emails in Gmail to a specific contact record in Infusionsoft. Users can also access their Google calendar from Infusionsoft and vice versa while also having the ability to share a Google calendar with other team members.
  • Trigger Sales Automation
    • Create Notes and Tasks on the Fly - Better keep track of sales and customer interactions by creating notes and tasks in Infusionsoft while working in Gmail.
    • Add Tags to Segment Messages - Ensure contacts receive relevant, targeted messages by adding tags to a customer record in Infusionsoft from Gmail.
    • Save Files - Stay organized and save files such as, signed contracts/agreements, receipts, purchase orders, etc. directly from Gmail to Infusionsoft.
    • See Past, Present and Future Messaging Sequences - For each contact, view a list of past and pending messaging sequences, add a contact to a new sequence and/or remove them from a current sequence directly in Gmail.

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Infusionsoft now has 50,000 small business users spread across 70 countries. Infusionsoft is the only all-in-one sales and marketing software for small business. By combining CRM, email and social media marketing, and e-commerce into one easy-to-use solution, small businesses benefit from a sales and marketing command center that powers their business' growth, helping them to get more customers, increase revenue from existing customers and save time.

Rabhan and the team at AutomationCore were also named the “Kick Apps Champion” in the first Infusionsoft Battle of the Apps competition. During InfusionCon 2013, Infusionsoft's annual user conference, the 2,000 small business attendees voted and named AppointmentCore by the team at AutomationCore the winner of the challenge. AppointmentCore beat out three other finalists for the title.

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