Infusionsoft Launches Partner Edition - The First Tool Built Exclusively for Marketing Agencies and Business Consultants

Infusionsoft Partners can now manage client relationships and campaigns from one place, saving 25 hours a month in administrative work

(Chandler, Ariz. – Jan 23, 2018) Infusionsoft today announced the launch of Partner Edition, a client and campaign management tool designed to help Infusionsoft Partners, specifically marketing agencies and consultants, reduce the administrative time and manual tasks it takes to service small business clients. Agencies and consultants can now easily and quickly onboard and manage clients, implement marketing campaigns and measure performance, all from one place. As an extension of the Infusionsoft CRM Platform, the tool is free to all Infusionsoft Partners.

By having a single place for client and campaign management, it reduces administrative tasks and manual implementation work, saving partners up to 25 hours a month. With visibility into the health and activity of all clients in one place, Partners can quickly identify which campaigns are working and which ones may need to be optimized. Partner Edition is also the first and only product of its kind to enable marketing agencies and consultants to distribute pre-built campaigns to multiple clients with a click of a button. Partner Edition has quickly been adopted by over 500 marketing agencies and consultants.

“Partner Edition gives me clarity into how the campaigns I build are impacting the success of my clients,” said Ryan Chapman, founder of Fix Your Funnel. “That was kind of a black box before, or it required hours of manual, tedious administrative work to find. With Partner Edition, I have increased visibility across all my clients, and I can now quickly and easily access the insights I need to drive better results for my clients.”

Partner Edition key features and benefits include:

  • Single place for client management - One place to access and productively manage clients, get visibility into client activity and health, and view campaign performance.  
  • Measure success with a campaign management dashboard - View and measure the aggregate activity of campaigns, across all clients, to gain insight into which campaigns are currently in use and which ones have never been used. This enables agencies and consultants to see which campaigns are working and which ones may need to be optimized.
  • Easily distribute campaigns - Quickly distribute and package together pre-built campaigns to multiple clients or specific verticals with the click of a button.

“Before Partner Edition, Partners spent hours and hours every day doing manual, administrative work to manage client relationships and implement marketing campaigns,” said Tom Romary, vice president of Partner Platforms and Business Development at Infusionsoft. “For marketing agencies and consultants, time is money, so getting 20 or more hours back every month is a game changer. With Partner Edition, Partners can stop wasting time on administrative work, and instead spend it finding new business, improving services and growing revenue from existing clients.”