Infusionsoft Launches New API Developers Center

Online Support Community Serves as a Central Hub Where Developers Can Access Information to Help Them Build Custom Applications for Nearly 20,000 Infusionsoft Users

Gilbert, Ariz., September 8, 2010---Infusionsoft, the leader in email marketing 2.0 for small businesses, today announced its new API Developers Center. Now developers who work with the Infusionsoft API have premier access to an online support community where they can connect with other developers; share tips and advice on the API; access code examples and all the documentation to help them build rich, customized applications for Infusionsoft's small business users.

The Infusionsoft API enables small businesses to build custom implementations while tapping into the pervasive and satisfying features of Infusionsoft itself. Popular integrations include synchronizing Infusionsoft with other databases, shopping carts, content management systems, membership sites and much more.

"Our API usage is increasing every month," said Marc Chesley, VP of Development and Technology. "About 20% of our customers currently leverage the power of Infusionsoft by connecting their third-party applications and services through our API. The Infusionsoft API provides access to our robust all-in-one solution including email marketing, full-featured CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce and referral marketing. The growing developers community is a thriving ecosystem. We wanted to make the process as simple as possible for developers so that users experience the full benefit from Infusionsoft's proprietary automation engine and segmentation capabilities."

The Infusionsoft API is important to small business users because it allows them to leverage other solutions seamlessly with their Infusionsoft application. A growing ecosystem of developers who use the API illustrates the Develop Center's importance.

"I can testify to the power of the API: it's extremely fast and accurate, gives me access to nearly every nook and cranny of the application itself and I am able to program complex processes very quickly and efficiently," said Bob Keen, developer of InfusionWP, an Infusionsoft-WordPress integration. "I have tried several other APIs but all have failed to provide even the most basic necessities to build data rich, interactive applications. The API Developers Center is a great way to keep developers engaged and over time it will make a make a big difference in helping with the integration process."

When developers access the Infusionsoft API Developers Center, they will be presented with six choices:

  • Infusionsoft Software Developer's Kit - To aid in rapid development of API integrations, Infusionsoft built a powerful PHP-based SDK to help developers create web-based integrations.
  • API Usage Guidelines - Guidelines that will keep third-party API integrations stable, fast and reliable.
  • Developer Forum - This is already one of the biggest areas on the site. Justin Gourley, Infusionsoft Support Team Lead, moderates this forum where developers can ask questions on the Infusionsoft API and share tips and advice with other developers.
  • Services and Methods - Overview of the different services and major functions of the API.
  • Database Tables and Fields - A detailed description of how to interact with various database tables and fields throughout Infusionsoft backend.
  • Find an API Expert - Infusionsoft users have a quick link over to a Directory where they can find qualified Infusionsoft API experts if they want to build an Infusionsoft API integration.