Infusionsoft Co-founder and CEO Clate Mask Named Business Leader of the Year

Mask Wins Ed Denison Award for Lifetime Contribution to Arizona's Technology Industry

(Gilbert, Ariz.) August 31, 2011 -Infusionsoft, the leading sales and marketing automation software for small businesses, is proud to announce that Co-founder and CEO Clate Mask has been named the 2011 Ed Denison Business Leader of the Year. The Arizona Technology Council in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority will recognize Mask at the Governor's Celebration of Innovation awards reception Nov. 17 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Under Mask's leadership, Infusionsoft has evolved from a growing start-up to become the leading sales and marketing automation software used by more than 7,000 small businesses. After bootstrapping the business, Mask successfully led the company through two rounds of venture capital raising more than $18 million. He's championed the company through business model changes, a recession and shifts in the marketplace. Despite these obstacles, Mask and his team scaled the business to a multi-million dollar market leader with 170 employees and 23,000 users. Mask chronicles the struggles and triumphs of growing a small business in the New York Times bestseller Conquer the Chaos: How to Grow a Successful Small Business Without Going Crazy.

"I'm honored to receive this award and very proud of Infusionsoft's success," says Mask. "Our growth and accomplishments are a testament to the Infusionsoft team's unfailing dedication to our customers and the small business community. Our dream is to revolutionize the way small businesses grow and we will continue to pursue innovation so we can better serve our customers and the technology community."

Infusionsoft is on a fast-track to becoming a global success and this award reflects the company's commitment to bring cutting-edge innovation to the Arizona technology community and small businesses worldwide.

Small business is the fastest growing sector of the $325 million marketing automation industry. Small businesses are realizing that marketing is happening on the web. As they adopt tools like CRM, email marketing and e-commerce, they quickly realize these disparate tools don't work together automatically.

Infusionsoft is solving this problem for small businesses by giving them an all-in-solution combining the best of CRM, email marketing and e-commerce with powerful sales and marketing automation capabilities. Arizona technology entrepreneurs like Mint Social are doubling profits by automating employee workflow, sales and customer follow up with Infusionsoft.

The Ed Denison Business Leader of the Year Award is presented by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and honors distinction in entrepreneurship, community involvement and management expertise. It is awarded to an individual who contributes to Arizona's technology industry through sustained growth of their company.

The Governor's Celebration of Innovation, now in its ninth year, is the largest statewide awards gathering of technology companies in Arizona. This year it received nominations from more than 150 businesses and academic innovators from across Arizona.