Infusionsoft Announces New Range of Product Editions to Reach Every Growth-Oriented Entrepreneur and Small Business

New Pro Edition Offers Greatest Value Ever; Customers Have Best Choice For Their Needs

Gilbert, Ariz. — January 7, 2009 — Infusionsoft, the leader in marketing automation software for small businesses, today announced the introduction of an entirely new tiered product line, making Infusionsoft accessible to a larger entrepreneur and small business audience. Entrepreneurs and small businesses will now be able to choose one of the three new Infusionsoft editions that work best for them, whether they have thousands of existing customers or if they are just starting from scratch. The new, tiered product offering is part of Infusionsoft's commitment to liberate and empower every growth-focused entrepreneur and small business through the power of automation and always-on marketing.

Previously, Infusionsoft offered a single standard product and pricing structure. By offering editions with tiered functionality, a range of email and database limits and corresponding pricing, Infusionsoft has made its solutions more attainable and flexible for a larger range of small businesses. The all-inclusive Pro edition, which most closely resembles the original Infusionsoft offering, is the best value ever offered by Infusionsoft, and includes premium pre-loaded templates and the highest limits on email volume and database size. Customer service and support, as well as the look and feel of the software, will remain the same across all editions.

"We have a dream of making Infusionsoft accessible to everyone who has embraced the age of entrepreneurship and wants to take their business to the next level," said Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft. "With our own history as a boot-strapped small business, we know first-hand how valuable it is to be able to easily access the tools necessary for success. By improving our product options in order to reach more companies, Infusionsoft takes a big stride toward truly revolutionizing the way small businesses grow – propelling them to increase their sales and achieve success."

The new Infusionsoft editions offer different levels of functionality, from basic follow-up marketing, which includes Infusionsoft's email marketing automation engine, to advanced modules for more sophisticated marketing efforts, as well as invoicing, billing and e-commerce features. Editions also vary in terms of email and database limits, as well as levels of professional support services, which include set up and activation. Because Infusionsoft provides all of its editions through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, every Infusionsoft customer enjoys the benefit of Web-accessed and free periodic upgrades, ongoing maintenance and live support.

Infusionsoft has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, tripling its customer base over the last two years, as well as releasing a major upgrade to its core product solution and adding $7.9M in Series B financing in 2008. The introduction of multiple Infusionsoft editions now puts the company closer to its goal of helping every growth-oriented entrepreneur convert more leads, get repeat sales from customers, and grow their business without growing their staff.

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