Infusionsoft Acquires CustomerHub

The leader in all-in-one sales and marketing software for small business expands product offering with acquisition of popular web-based membership site and content delivery tool

(Phoenix, Ariz. Nov. 1)-Infusionsoft, the leader in all-in-one sales and marketing software for small business, today announced it has acquired CustomerHub, a web-based application that provides an easy to use membership site and customer portal platform to small businesses who market and sell content online. CustomerHub, one of the top app integrations in the Infusionsoft marketplace, allows users to share unlimited password-protected content with subscribers.

More than 7,500 small businesses use Infusionsoft's powerful software that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce with automation to nurture and convert leads, grow sales and save time.

Specifically designed to work with Infusionsoft, CustomerHub allows small businesses to easily deliver protected content to paying customers and automate the subscription and collections process, helping them generate recurring revenue, save time and eliminate administrative overhead. CustomerHub also allows small businesses to share free protected content by integrating with marketing campaigns.

"Membership sites are growing in popularity as marketers shift their content delivery channels from physical media, like DVDs and binders, to online membership sites which are easier to manage and more profitable to operate," says Infusionsoft CEO and Co-founder Clate Mask. "Membership site tools are the way of the future as small businesses look to generate high-quality leads, as well as monetize content and establish recurring revenue streams."

The acquisition brings top talent to Infusionsoft with CustomerHub founders, Kyle and Nathan Leavitt, along with their team joining the Infusionsoft team to oversee the CustomerHub product.

"We founded CustomerHub because we recognized that there are thousands of small businesses that need a tool to help them deliver protected content to their customers and followers," says Kyle Leavitt, co-founder of CustomerHub. "Now that we have the power of Infusionsoft behind us, we'll be able to bring the benefits of CustomerHub to more small businesses. We are excited about joining this dynamic team, the future of the CustomerHub product and other innovations we've developed, and the added value this partnership brings to our customers."

CustomerHub's pricing is affordable for small businesses at monthly plans starting at $59 that begins with a 30-day free trial.

How Small Businesses Use CustomerHub to Deliver and Monetize Content

"When customers get automated e-mails from us, they are directed to auto-log in to our CustomerHub portal where we deliver the video and audio content," says Jermaine Griggs, founder of Hear and Play Music. "This gives us a controlled environment to track customer activity and manage subscription and collections. Since we launched this campaign, over 20,000 new users have signed up for our video lesson series and logged into CustomerHub on multiple occasions to access the content."

"The reason we love CustomerHub so much is because it provides a one-stop portal for our customers to learn best-practices on social media, marketing automation and social customer management, and it allows us the ability to cross-sell and upsell our content to customers at the right time, without being intrusive," says Adam Metz, founder and CEO of Metz Consulting.

"CustomerHub is a must-have if you're using Infusionsoft and delivering paid content to customers," explains Marty Schulting, owner of Accelerated Solutions. "We had no plan on how to handle our declined recurring orders. After 90 days, we had recovered over $5,000. CustomerHub took a ton of workload off our customer support team and has allowed us to focus more of our energy on the growth of our business."

Webinar Explaining What CustomerHub Means to Infusionsoft Users
Infusionsoft will host a webinar on Nov. 4 at 10 am PST to explain how Infusionsoft customers can benefit from CustomerHub in their sales and marketing. You can register here.

You can also read a post from Mask about the acquisition on the Infusionsoft Blog.

About CustomerHub
CustomerHub was created by Infused Systems, a leading provider of Infusionsoft services and technology. CustomerHub is a web-based application that provides an easy to use membership site and customer portal platform to small businesses who market and sell content online. CustomerHub is one of the top app integrations in the Infusionsoft marketplace. For more information, visit