Helping Small Businesses Succeed, Infusionsoft Continues Record-Breaking Growth

Ecosystem of Products, Services and Local Partners Focuses on Helping Small Business Owners Get Organized, Grow Sales and Save Time

(Chandler, Ariz. – July 23, 2014) Infusionsoft, creator of the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses, is experiencing record growth across its customer base, partner and developer communities, hiring initiatives and educational offerings. Infusionsoft’s commitment to helping small businesses succeed is propelling an extensive ecosystem that is changing the lives for small business owners around the world.

“We believe in helping small businesses succeed and we have a growing ecosystem of products, services and partners that is allowing entrepreneurs to live the life they want to live,” said co-founder and CEO, Clate Mask. “Whether that’s making it home to have dinner with family, taking more vacation or hiring an extra staff member, through our family of products, services and partners, we’re having a powerful impact on thousands of small business owners around the world.”

Many small businesses owners pursue their entrepreneurial dreams to gain the freedom to do what they love; however, they oftentimes find themselves strapped for time while struggling to manage everything themselves. Infusionsoft’s co-founders understand the stark difference between an entrepreneur’s aspirations compared to the reality they’d likely face. The three co-founders shared a dream in 2001 and today have more than 550 employees united behind their cause of helping small businesses to succeed. Infusionsoft is committed to small business success and is at the center of an ever-growing ecosystem to support this underserved group.

From market leadership to new products and innovations, Infusionsoft is paving the way for small business success:

Market Leadership Growth

  • Grew to more than 23,000 small business customers representing 80,000 users in 70 countries using Infusionsoft.
  • Grew 2013 revenue by more than 50 percent reaching $60 million.
  • Increased focus on customer delight and international markets with new leadership appointments: Elizabeth Pitt, SVP of customer delight; Andrew Simmons, managing director of international.

Product Enhancements and Innovations

  • Improvements to Infusionsoft’s core application resulted in improved stability, reliability and speed.
  • New mobile-focused product releases:  
    • Infusionsoft Mobile - helps users save time and boost productivity by integrating seamlessly with their Infusionsoft account allowing the ability to take their business wherever life needs.
    • Snap by Infusionsoft - a simple way to add a contact to Infusionsoft using a smartphone so customers can follow up immediately.

Partnerships and Integrations help Infusionsoft Thrive

  • The Marketplace by Infusionsoft grew its app selection by more than 60 percent in the first two quarters to bring the total count to 135. These applications allow customers to add to or enhance Infusionsoft’s software.
  • A strategic partnership was inked with the world’s leading provider of API technology, Mashery, to make it easier for Infusionsoft developers to take advantage of partner solutions.
  • Hundreds of certified partners, referral partners and affiliates added.

Leading Small Business Education

  • ICON14, the company’s annual small business conference, reached record attendance with approximately 3,000 small business owners from around the world.
  • Infusionsoft University, a global program to help customers get the most out of Infusionsoft, will host 15 sessions across seven cities by year end – more than any other year before.
  • Infusionsoft’s Elite Forum, a program to help teach entrepreneurs what it takes to become a CEO of a $10 million company, continues to see year-over-year growth with record attendance planned for 2014.

Recognition and Awards

  • Goldman Sachs led a $54 million investment in the company in 2013 and named Mask to a list of 100 most intriguing entrepreneurs.
  • Infusionsoft was named a top 100 Small Business Influencer by Small Business Trends.
  • The company was named alongside, Microsoft and others to an exclusive group known as the 2014 CRM Watchlist Elite by noted analyst, author and influencer Paul Greenberg.

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