Cha-Ching: Small Businesses Experiencing Seamless Transactions with Infusionsoft Payments

Infusionsoft further expands its payments solution for small businesses; introduces an EMV-compliant mobile card reader


(Chandler, Ariz. – March 2, 2016) Infusionsoft annually processes more than $2 billion through its ecommerce platform and sees another $2 billion processed through third party integrations. To better support Infusionsoft customers’ transaction needs, Infusionsoft today added an EMV-compliant mobile credit card reader to the Infusionsoft Payments product suite. This new card reader makes it easier for small businesses to accept payments on the go and furthers Infusionsoft’s aim to help businesses get back to doing what they love: running their business.

The new mobile card reader provides a point-of-sale solution for Infusionsoft customers. It also seamlessly integrates into the Infusionsoft platform and can immediately trigger personalized marketing automation based upon customers’ purchasing behaviors. This allows small businesses to process more transactions while maximizing their customer relationships.  

“We are constantly working to help small businesses enhance their ability to engage and serve their customers in the most optimal manner,” said Terry Hicks, chief product officer. “We hope that this payments solution is an embodiment of this effort, and will improve the point-of-sale process for small businesses and their customers alike.”

Notable highlights include:

  • Sales and marketing unite with Payments: Along with accepting payments, the card reader can trigger marketing automation immediately after the sale.
  • Transparent pricing: With no hidden fees, Infusionsoft Payments charges an industry low, flat rate of 2.9 percent + $.30 per transaction, with funds clearing typically within 48 hours.
  • Fast setup and easy to use: Infusionsoft customers will be approved and able to accept credit cards payments in minutes.
  • Painless processing: From setup to support, Infusionsoft Payments is seamlessly integrated with current user systems.
  • One solution: Rather than adding a third-party payment solution, Infusionsoft customers can simply add Infusionsoft Payments to their current Infusionsoft product mix.

A Unique Partnership

To meet the needs of customers who conduct in-person events or want the option of accepting a credit card on the go, Infusionsoft partnered with WePay, a payments provider for leading platform companies, to develop an EMV compatible mobile card reader.

Infusionsoft Payments is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada, but will roll out to the UK in 2016 along with plans for other English speaking countries thereafter. The mobile card reader is currently only available in the U.S. for $85 via the Infusionsoft application.

Infusionsoft Customer Quotes about the News

  • “Infusionsoft Payments lets my customers automatically shape their experience with my business without me ever having to get involved on the day-to-day,” said Marc A. Pitman, owner of “Personalized customer service is very important to me. I can rest easy because I know with Infusionsoft and their payments solution, people who purchase my products and services get the most relevant and useful follow-ups based on their unique purchases. It would be impossible for me to do it all on my own! I love not having to worry about it.”
  • “I’m now saving hundreds of dollars a month in transaction fees with Infusionsoft Payments. It cut my merchant cost by a third,” said Justin Lofton, founder of Zenfusion, a full-service marketing agency, and Infusionsoft customer since 2007. “From a new Infusionsoft user perspective, it’s a huge advantage. It’s a disaster getting setup with a third party merchant to complete payments, and now it’s a piece of cake as the entire payment process is integrated directly into our sales and marketing solution. You don’t have to think about it.”

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