End the multi-tool chaos

Whether you’re managing 500 customers or 100,000, there’s only one platform you need to build personal connections with every one of them.

Now you can connect with every customer from a single platform.

Go ahead. Be choosy.

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One-time $ fee for new-user onboarding not included in monthly quote.

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One-time $ fee for new-user onboarding not included in monthly quote.

  • Free user onboarding
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  • Contact management

    Store contact information and activity history for everyone on your list in one central customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

  • Marketing automation

    Create campaigns, personalize communication, and build professional-looking landing pages and emails with ready-made templates.

  • Sales pipeline

    Manage your entire sales pipeline: automatically qualify leads, set reminders and trigger automated emails, track sales team activity, and view forecasts and reports.

  • E-commerce

    Sell products, services, and subscriptions using our online storefront, shopping cart, and order forms. Send invoices, collect payments, and provide receipts.

All right, let’s do this!

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Create three campaigns with your coach to follow up better and close sales.

$999 new-user onboarding required

Our premium software is an investment in your business. Did you know clients who launch three Infusionsoft campaigns in the first four months are 78% more successful using the app? That’s huge! And that’s why having a coach by your side during the whole setup process is worth every penny.

Here’s what you get:

  • Initial 90-minute consult and four follow-up calls 
within 30 days.
  • Collaborate with your coach to create three campaigns from our Small Business Strategy Guide, then view
 results and optimize accordingly.
  • Learn how to sync campaigns into a systematic automation strategy that provides personalized
 follow-up and closes more sales.

"Infusionsoft allows me to communicate better with my customers, to have all of the systems in one place and see my sales stats in an instant. I would not be where I am today without it." —Launch Grow Joy

All together now

You need to keep up with customers — not multiple software systems. Infusionsoft packs all the features you need in a single, powerful platform.

Keep up with customers — not software systems — on a single, powerful platform.

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    Organize your contacts

    Contact info? Check. Activity history? Check. Likelihood to buy? Yep, that too. And it’s all in one place, so you can go ahead and delete those spreadsheets.

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    Connect with email marketing

    Never write the same email twice. Automatically send beautifully designed, personalized emails to everyone on your list — at the same time.

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    Create professional campaigns

    It takes more than one interaction to close a sale. With Infusionsoft, they happen automatically. At the right time. Every time.

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    Easily manage sales

    Follow up with that hot lead. Set reminders. Send quotes. You’re the boss, and our software is your 24/7 assistant — tracking sales throughout the entire pipeline.

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    Sell more with e-commerce

    Every business could sell more, if they had more time to sell. And that’s just what you get with Infusionsoft. Build a store. Process payments. Rake it in.

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    Perform better with data

    Goodbye, guesswork. Hello, conversions. Now you can know exactly how contacts respond to your marketing, and adjust your strategy for the best results.

With every customer interaction in one place, Infusionsoft customers transform their businesses.
Infusionsoft customers get real business results.
Time saved per week
Customer database growth
Increase in sales

Source: Infusionsoft user survey

Infusionsoft customer Mosquito Squad

“Before we were using multiple different systems: email, another CRM, and a sales pipeline tool. Infusionsoft has it all in one place." —Kickstagram

FAAAQ (Frequently asked-and-answered questions)

Our very own advice column for the curious buyer.

Is Infusionsoft right for me?

Infusionsoft is built for small business. In fact, our official company purpose is to help small businesses succeed. And that’ll never change.

Unlike many point solutions, the Infusionsoft platform gives you enterprise-level power in a small business package. With a feature set created specifically for small business needs, you get unstoppable sales and marketing superpowers like better organization and faster growth. Sound good? It’s a match.

How do I buy?

Getting started with Infusionsoft is easy. Call our sales team directly at +1 866 800 0004, or email [email protected].

If you need a little help, we’re here for you. Our consultants have worked with customers in every small business industry, and they love working with customers like you to make sure you get exactly what you need from our platform.

Can I change my subscription later?

Absolutely. Most Infusionsoft customers experience growth using our platform, and find that their needs change over time.

When it’s time to upgrade your subscription to add contacts, users, emails, or additional functionalities, just reach out to your rep. We’ll turn a few knobs on the back end, and it’s off to the races.

What is a contact?

A contact can be anyone who you do business with. It might be a lead, a customer, or even a job candidate.

Infusionsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities mean that you can keep their contact information organized in one place, and even track their behaviors over time to measure the important stuff: engagement level, likelihood to buy, notes from your last interaction, and more.

Why is new user training required?

Infusionsoft’s premium software is an investment in your business. And since your success is our success, we created an onboarding program called Kickstart to make sure you make the most of that investment.

During Kickstart, you’ll work one-on-one with a Getting Started coach to learn key features and functions of the platform, what your biggest growth opportunities are, and how to create a campaign that gets leads and closes more sales. Explore which Kickstart experience is right for you.

Do you offer discounts?

Infusionsoft periodically offers promotional pricing, including discounts and free add-ons.

Call our sales team at +1 866 800 0004 for more information on our current promotions.

Ready to join 135,000 users on the most powerful small business platform?

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