A new client & campaign management tool

Exclusively for Infusionsoft Certified Partners, Partner Edition makes you more successful by providing one place for precise control and visibility across all your clients’ activities.

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Partner Edition key features

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Snapshot view of your clients’ activities.

Monitor how your clients are doing

The new campaign management dashboard offers one place to quickly check health, activity, and campaign performance across all your clients.

Screenshot of Partner Edition create bundle
Name your bundle, add campaigns, and go!

Customize bundles in seconds

Now you can configure apps, then create custom, bundled solutions based on individual client needs.

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One click. Multiple clients served.

Send bundled campaigns in one click

It’s easier than ever to set up and share pre-built campaigns to multiple client apps simultaneously.

Partner Edition really does make a difference

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Save up to $25K a year in saved labor

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Get back up to 25 hours a month


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