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Create happy customers

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Infusionsoft has helped us... take better care of our customers and cater to their needs when they come in." Milkhouse Candles
A Milkhouse Candles customer enjoying their beloved candle.
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Speak directly to your customers

Personalize your advertising, emails—pretty much everything. Personalized service means you’re spending less time on repetitive tasks, more time with your customers.

What are the benefits to personalization? As ranked by surveyed consumers:

  • 46% say it reduces irrelevant advertising
  • 25% find that it’s an easy way to discover new products
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Landing page vs. homepage

Your landing page has one job: to get your visitors to take action. The landing page works because your leads will see only what you want them to see.

Your website tells your visitors everything about your business.

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Landing page templates come standard

Showcase your brand with free access to over 1,000 quality stock photos and 100+ landing page templates.

  • Sync with custom fields to fully personalize your follow-up
  • Lightning-fast page-load times (faster pages = faster conversions)
  • Decide where your landing page lives with custom domains (and enjoy the resulting SEO boost)
[The] Landing Page feature... cuts out another software that I was needing to pay for!” Colton D.
Create custom lists, then send personalized messages

The right message to the right list at the right time

Create specific audiences to be sure you’re sending customers relevant information about your promotions and events. Tailor your messages by holiday, locations, purchase history, date, promo codes, and more.

Contact record with various activities blown up

Nurture each client through the sales process

  • Create triggers that automatically send emails based on where your customer is in the sales pipeline
  • Customizable sales dashboard can be configured to conform to your business model

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