Focus on your customer service

Clients want to maintain relationships with businesses who get them. You show you get them by serving, even anticipating, your client’s needs.

Send personalized emails to your clients

Speak directly to your customers

Personalize your advertising, emails—pretty much everything. Personalized service means you’re spending less time on repetitive tasks, more time with your customers.

What are the benefits to personalization? As ranked by surveyed consumers:

  • 46% say it reduces irrelevant advertising
  • 25% find that it’s an easy way to discover new products
Create custom lists, then send personalized messages

The right message to the right client at the right time

Create specific audiences to be sure you’re sending customers relevant information about your promotions and events. Tailor your messages by holiday, locations, purchase history, date, promo codes, and more.

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Reduce time spent doing administrative tasks

Running a small business means you wear many hats which can be stressful. We assess your current processes and help you do things more efficiently and in less time.

Before Infusionsoft, if someone inquired about our services, we had a laborious process for following up. Once we automated...Our bookings increased immediately. Lauren D.
Infusionsoft appointments take the hassle out of meetings

Working together shouldn't feel like work

Offer your clients a seamless experience. Whether setting appointments or getting paid, it’s easy to stay on the same page.

Sticky notes are so last decade

There's a better way to get organized

Organize your to-do list and set reminders to keep your work on track—better than sticky notes.

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Nurture each client through the sales process

  • Create triggers that automatically send emails based on where your customer is in the sales pipeline
  • Customizable sales dashboard can be configured to conform to your business model

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