From proposal to paying client

All you need to send quotes, track activity, and collect payment is in one place.

Create an invoice product screen.

Easy-to-create quotes & invoices

Faster than cut-and-paste and more professional, customize documents with your logo, services, and more in just a few clicks. Then track if it’s been viewed to see which are outstanding.

Accepting a quote and moving to a notification of that accepted quote.

Stop wondering if you’ve won business

Once you’ve sent a quote, we’ll notify you when the client views or accepts it. You’ll also get a pre-written reminder email you can quickly customize and send to help get your quote accepted.

Send invoice reminder and offer your customer aneasy way to pay.

Get out of bill collecting

Easily create and send an invoice with a Pay Now button. You can even accept a deposit and your invoice automatically adjusts to show what’s left to pay. We’ll also send smart prompts to remind you to nudge clients when payment is due or past due.

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