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Clate Mask, CEO and co-founder of Infusionsoft
Clate Mask, CEO and co-founder of Infusionsoft

Conquer the chaos with Infusionsoft

Our CEO and co-founder, Clate Mask, has been educating and inspiring small businesses all over the world—sharing what he’s learned from Infusionsoft’s early days as a struggling start-up.

Clate’s deep understanding of what it takes to achieve success has led to thousands of small businesses trusting Infusionsoft to curb the day-to-day chaos. How? By helping them save time, get better organized, deliver personalized follow-up service, and close more sales.

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Streamline your customer lifecycle

Now that you’ve learned how to strategize a growth plan, take a few minutes to watch Infusionsoft co-founder Scott Martineau walk you through how the typical customer lifestyle is broken and what you can do to fix it.


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