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Emails are something most of us write on a daily (if not hourly) basis. But, how many persuasive emails do you write on a daily basis? Emails that need to result in a purchase or turn a lead into a customer? Unless you live and breathe sales, probably not many.

We at Infusionsoft often hear that writing email copy is one of the most difficult tasks for entrepreneurs. Persuasive copy is something that’s often outsourced or, unfortunately, forgotten completely.

There’s a plethora of sites to help you build beautiful emails—such as Emma and MailStyler—and email builders have essentially become standard in marketing automation software.

But, sending a great-looking email with unappealing content is like dating someone just for looks—in the end, it’s just not going to work. And between you and a potential customer, you want things to work.

We’re here to help.

We understand the struggle in writing persuasive emails. Which is why we’ve provided some tips on how to implement email best practices as well as a few email templates you can use as guidelines in writing your email copy.

Email Templates Best Practices

Yes, there’s etiquette. No, don’t address your contact as “Sir or Madam” (it doesn’t get much more impersonal). However, there are several best practices to take into account when it comes to email marketing. The most important of which are getting your contacts’ permission, having a relatable subject line, having engaging copy and testing your messaging.

Get permission

The first—and potentially most important—email best practice to implement is that you have your contact’s permission to send them content. People typically don’t take kindly to unsolicited emails. Your contact should have opted in at least once (twice is better) to receive messages from you.

Compelling subject line

The subject line is the first interaction your contact has with your email. Let’s face it—if you don’t have a compelling subject line, your email won’t get opened. It’s important that you don’t write off (figuratively speaking) the importance of your email’s subject line.

When writing subject lines, keep in mind what will resonate with your reader. You want to be informative and persuasive, without being deceptive (offering a free trip to the Bahamas without being able to deliver might result in an unsubscribe). There are many ways to effectively write a subject line. But, let’s keep it simple—we’ll walk you through five easy ways to write a compelling subject line. 

Ask a question

Questions make your contact think about how the subject can benefit them. If your subject can attract and resonate with your reader, guess what? They’re probably going to open your email.

  • Is your subject line compelling?
  • Is your golf game up to par?

Tell your reader “How to”

Beginning your subject line with the words “How to” lets your contact know what’s in store and what they will gain from the content of your email.

  • How to grow your business through social media
  • How to travel Europe making $40,000 a year

A personal touch

Who doesn’t perk up at the sight of their own name? Personalizing the subject line with your contact’s name can add a sense of authenticity to your emails.

  • Jane, do you struggle with writing persuasive emails?
  • Jane, here’s your reward!

Make an announcement

We’re also innately attracted to novelty—we like to be the first to know. Informing your customers of new information and releases in your company or industry can create a compelling headline.

  • See our new darling summer dresses
  • Introducing the best way to increase email opens

Scarcity sells

As people, we’re innately attracted to a limited quantity—the sense of urgency motivates us to act. Using the scarcity tactic can be very effective in creating a compelling headline.

  • 30% off if you purchase within the next hour
  • BOGO 50% off on your favorite shoes – today only!​

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Email Templates

Now that contact has opened your email, you need to entice them to read your copy. While it might feel natural for you to start the email with a bit about yourself or your company, that might not be the best tactic—especially if you’re selling a product or service.

Typically, people want to know what’s in it for them. We’ve found the most effective emails begin with how you can help your potential customer solve a problem. Below are a few email templates you’re free to use when writing various emails.

Sales Email Template

Subject: How effectively are you [introduce problem, i.e. using social media?]

Hi [Contact First name],

Are you struggling to [problem, i.e. increase your social media presence]? If so, you’re not alone.

We help [nearly, over] [impressive number] customers a [day, year] [solve this problem, i.e. navigate the mayhem of social media] and we would be happy to help you do the same.

If you’re interested, simply [click here, reply to this email] [to receive, and I’ll send you] further details.

Have a great day,

Welcome Email Template

Subject: Welcome to the [your company] family

Hello [Contact First Name],

Thank you for joining the [your company] family. We look forward to serving you!

If you have questions or comments, please [reply to this email, click here].

Enjoy your week,

Thank you Email Template

Subject: Thank you for [your purchase, attending our event]

Hi [Contact First Name],

Thank you for [your purchase, attending our event]! We [have received your order and are preparing it for shipment, look forward to seeing you again soon].

For [questions about your order, information on future events], please [reply to this email, click here].

Until we meet again,

Testing 1,2,3

Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace your guesswork with data-driven results? By testing variables in your email, you can. A/B testing allows you to test changes in your emails to determine which version performs better. It’s very insightful when it comes to figuring out what gets people to open and/or engage with your emails.

In your venture to craft the ideal email, testing is going to be your best friend. Considering that—if we’re being honest – there’s not a proven formula for writing the perfect email.

Learning to write compelling copy is a process – it ultimately comes down to what resonates with your contacts and discovering what that is won’t happen overnight. It might take many rounds of testing subject lines, email template copy or even the time of day the email is sent. But, speaking directly to your customers’ pains is a crucial step on your road to success.

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