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How can email campaigns help my business?

Email is one of the most maligned, yet still effective forms of modern marketing to promote webinars, create awareness, sell products and make conversions. Success stories abound with email marketing—have a look at 100 of the best email marketing campaigns from last year.

How can email campaigns help my business?

Email marketing campaigns produce more leads for your company when done the right way, and keeps your company top-of-mind with customers. In some cases, you won’t get immediate results from your emails, because you are slowly nurturing leads. Some people tend to move through the buyer’s journey faster than others.

By providing helpful information and occasional light-natured reading, your emails can better engage your audience in the long run. They might even be something people look forward to receiving.

A direct look at email marketing challenges quickly uncovers pain points. These start right out of the gate as a company faces obstacles that prevents it from getting targeted email campaigns started. With a little ingenuity, you can reverse these struggles

1. Too time consuming

Many SMB owners feel that putting together an effective email campaign take too much time away from daily business needs. With modern email marketing software from the likes of Infusionsoft and other companies, this particular task is much less a time drain.

For instance, templates that can be used repeatedly cut right into that time needed..

2. Too much of a learning curve

Working with a new email software application is often daunting—and that’s, okay. You’re already busy running your company and may find it nearly impossible to budget any time to learn how to use email marketing software.

A quality software provider recognizes this and makes everything as easy as possible. This effort encompasses everything from developing user-friendly applications to software updates that add tiny but frequent improvements. Also, look for good online help services and access to customer assistance. The provider should also have a webinar and video tutorial library to help companies make sense out of the basics of working with the software.

stop watch indicating email campaigns need to be timely

3. Validating emails

Free email services like Yahoo or Gmail, are used frequently by people to use as their go-to address for email list subscriptions. Often, people stop using these emails after a certain time, and that leaves companies with bad data and emails that go nowhere.

Fortunately, email marketing software makes it easy to identify and then delete invalid emails. You should prune your email list on a regular basis, such as once every month or every quarter.

4. Understanding legal issues

Unwanted email sent out in bulk is known as spam. The U.S. government has established the CAN-SPAM Act to address this issue. Chief among its provisions is a requirement that companies include a way for recipients to opt out of getting any more messages. Violators of the CAN-SPAM act are liable to be fined up to $16,000 per email that they send out improperly.

Many email marketers state the unsubscribe information at the bottom of emails. SMBs should follow this practice to offer their subscribers a way to securely and safely confirm that they no longer want your email messages.

Fun fact that not enough people know; “spam” is called that in honor(?) of a Monty Python sketch where Vikings sang “spam” over and over as a restaurant patron tried, repeatedly to order something without SPAM in it.

5. Managing email lists

If your company has, to date, been getting by with a simple spreadsheet or word processing document to handle email lists, something is about to break. This need not be an issue as most email marketing software has thorough documentation and other resources to build out and track lists.

segment data with online reports

6. Segmenting customers

Another issue for many business owners is segmenting their customers in order to market to them more effectively. Make sure that the email marketing software you select makes it an automatic task to split up various contacts into different segments. With a little set-up guidance, it can track by gender, zip codes, buying patterns and more.

In turn these segments can then be sent more targeted communications, everything from Facebook updates to specific behavior-based offer. You can quickly use the program to create versions of your latest message to appeal to different demographics.

7. Customization Options

Consumers don’t want to see a generic email that uses a one size fits all approach. Your email software should include many template choices to help you speed up the process of customization. Simply pick a theme or type of message and then adapt it for your company’s purposes. You can also customize the greeting so you address each person by name.

8. Executing Strategy

Small business owners often need to wear many caps, especially when first starting out. You might need to work as a cashier to accommodate a rush crowd in between working on profit and loss statements. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge or a marketing background, you may be at a loss how to forms a strategy.

If this is the case for you, it’s best to engage the services of an email marketing professional. Begin by finding out what kind of support you can get from the email marketing software provider. This might be all that you need to develop a strategy for your campaign.

If you start small with your first email blasts, the little hiccups that can occur along the way will be easier to handle. Your strategy will help you deal with issues and adapt going forward as you embark on more complicated email campaigns involving many audiences and a year-long schedule.

Measurement of email campaigns

Tracking the progress of email marketing campaign is a critical element in any marketing mix. Without knowing what works and what doesn’t, email marketing efforts can easily fall off track and not deliver the results you want.

Any quality email marketing software keeps tabs on which recipients open your emails, and when they open them. It tallies how many recipients click on the hyperlink in your message to view your online catalog or review new services and products for sale.

You can measure campaigns according to specified criteria important to your company. For example, what age groups seem more receptive to your current batch of messages? You might need to adjust the language in your emails to cater to the needs and expectations of different segments. You probably wouldn’t use the same sales tactics to when marketing clothing to teenagers as you do to grandparents.

Another metric might include the response rates to special offers. Maybe 5 percent of your emails get a response when you offer a coupon for one free service at your auto shop, but only 1 percent respond when you offer them a small discount in one ZIP code. In another ZIP code, you could see opposite results.

A quality email marketing solution generates reports for managers so they, too, can see the relative effectiveness of each experiment you conduct in your mailing campaigns.

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