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March 2, 2016
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Strategies from Lead Nurture Best in Class Winner, Nadine Larder

Our Lead Nurture Best in Class Winner, Nadine Larder of Printer Bees, shared some of her strategies for turning leads into customers.  Read on to learn  more successful small business marketing and sales strategies.

  • Industry:        Printing, Marketing Services
  • Location:        Dublin, CA
  • Employees:    8
  • Website:

Describe your business in detail.

PrinterBees provides full-service marketing solutions to small business owners. We have a staff of graphics designers to help businesses create quality marketing pieces. Plus, we print everything - business cards, postcards, other flat medium as well as promotional items.

Why did you start your business?

I started PrinterBees as the real estate market was crashing as a way to help realtors keep up with their marketing and stay in business. I also wanted the ability to be a stay-at-home working mom so I could be present for my children and pitch in financially. PrinterBees now has several "work-at-home" moms working from home who never have to ask permission to be a parent.

How has Infusionsoft affected your business?

That's a difficult question to answer. There are so many things we've done and had success with. The biggest benefit has been in our ability to follow-up with leads. Our ability to segment lists and customers by customer type gives us the ability to follow-up with the right customers at the right time. We are able to be specific with our follow-up based on the customer and our database is very segmented so that the marketing matches the customer.

You won the Small Business ICON Best in Class award for Lead Nurturing. Tell us about what you are doing to turn leads into customers.

  Our nurturing process works well because it's very personal. Every email that goes out comes from a person, not the company. Our open rates increased substantially when we changed the "from" in our email marketing and it's a huge part of our success. We are "courting our by giving them a central point of contact and a person to work with. Our email messaging is very personal and all emails are written as if I were sitting down to write an email to an individual, never to a list. Because our messaging is very personal and personable, people respond all the time. The content we send is of value or we don't send it. We don't want to waste the time of the people we email, so we always make sure we are sending something of value and information of value so they will continue to read our emails.

How has Infusionsoft affected your personal life?

Infusionsoft has given my team and me our time back. We are able to get much more done with far less time and effort. Because the people who make up the team at PrinterBees are parents, Infusionsoft has given 20 children more time with their parents and the parents who make up the team more time for parenting. Win! It's also provided more time for the ongoing ministries that some of our team members participate in.

Have you had the opportunity to give back to your community?

Everything we do is driven by giving back and paying forward what we've blessed with. I'm also in final editing with my book "The Secrets I Share With Friends: Everything I Know About Small Business" where Infusionsoft is featured repeatedly. It has had such a profound impact on us. A portion of the proceeds from that book will go to the benefit of educating young entrepreneurs.  


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