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August 16, 2017
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How to Follow Up with Quiz Leads to Drive Sales

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Josh Haynam

At Interact, we’ve seen more than 3 million new leads collected using quizzes, often at a cost of less than $0.50 each. That is an incredibly low number for acquiring a new contact that could turn into a customer, however, if you get leads and none of them convert, it doesn’t really matter how cheaply they come in—it’ll still end up a waste of money. 

In this article we’ll go over the best way to approach leads that come in specifically through quizzes, but you can think of this as a guide for how to follow up with leads that come in through social media in general, because that’s how quizzes primarily function, and the rules we’ll cover are pretty universal to social lead generation. 

Before I jump into the exact follow-up sequence for quiz leads, I want to say a few words about leads that come from social media. Contacts acquired through social are different from other channels like search or paid advertising because you don’t necessarily know why the person is opting in. Yes, they want whatever your offer was, but you don’t have a lot of context other than that. Thus, you want to focus on what you do know, which is the information given to you by the new lead. 

For quizzes, you have a very valuable piece of information, which is the quiz result they got. If you are an Infusionsoft user, that information can be sent to your customer contact record as a tag, allowing you to follow up based on which outcome someone got on your quiz. 

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Here’s exactly how to follow up with quiz leads to close a sale. It’s a three-step sequence over a week or so that is designed to close as many sales as possible without alienating people so that you have the option to nurture leads for potential future sales. 

1. The “Thanks for taking our quiz” email

This is the first email you’ll send, and it should be triggered to go out as soon as someone comes in through your quiz. It should reference that fact that someone just took your quiz, and for bonus points, you can use the specific tag from the person’s quiz result to send a welcome email based on which outcome the person got. 

The purpose of this first message is to let people know that you’ll be sending them emails, and it should go out right away so the mental connection is made between the quiz and your email marketing.

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2. The “Here’s the other personalities” email

This is the second email in your quiz welcome sequence, and it should go out one to three days after someone subscribes. I recommend that people send out the other personalities of the quiz because quiz takers are often curious about what other results they could have gotten, so the email will resonate with them well. 

It’s also an opportunity to send an email that is not immediately in reaction to the quiz but is still very much related. This will start to warm up the lead to the idea of receiving other communications from you.

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3. The “question” email 

The final email in your welcome sequence should pose a question, which is also your call to action. We recommend sending this email two to four days after the second email in your sequence. In the example email below, the call to action is starting a conversation with the team at The Foundation, but your call to action might be for a webinar, to purchase a product, or schedule a consultation with you.

 the foundation email.jpg

After the quiz welcome sequence, you can merge the new leads back into a regular mailing cycle. For example, if you send out a weekly newsletter, add them to that mailing. If you’re using marketing automation scoring, keep track of these leads and use your scoring system to move them to an appropriate place if that place is not a nurturing sequence.

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So that’s it, the best way to follow up with leads that come from quizzes. Again, it can really be used for any sort of social lead generation, and it’s a simple three-step formula. Step 1, send a welcome that references the reason for opting in. Step 2, send a related email that answers a burning question. Step 3, send a call to action in the form of a question. Then merge the leads to an appropriate place based on your automation rules.

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Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a place for creating beautiful and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about new ways to connect with customers and build trust with them.


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