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June 10, 2016
Sales  |  4 min read

5 Things You Need to Read: The Sales Check-in Edition

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Ben Snedeker

This week, we’re taking the opportunity to focus on sales. As a small business owner, you probably check in on your sales process quite a bit. But we’ve rounded up some great articles from around the web that fit well for a mid-year look at sales as a whole. How’s your pricing model working? Are you following up on your leads in the best way? Want to end the year strong?

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Maybe it’s time to hire a new salesperson, or take a solid look at your projections to be sure you’re on track.

The Most Effective Lead Follow-Up Strategies: Adam Bluemner on Marketing Smarts (via @MarketingProfs)

When you follow up on your leads the right way you’ll close more deals. interviews Adam Bluemner about a case study he performed with over 63,000 sales calls. His data shows that certain follow-up tactics really do work better than others. This podcast interview includes a transcript so you can either listen or read.

Sales Forecasting: Top 9 Methods of Sales Forecasting 

Six months left until 2017.


(Seriously. Can you believe that?) Do you have a good sense as to where you’ll be at the end of the year? This article outlines the top nine methods used for sales forecasting. Maybe there’s a model in there that you could start using to get a more accurate look at the future.

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Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From (via @conversionxl)

Pricing is tough.

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As the article points out: “It’s worth remembering that people really don’t know how much things are worth, what’s a fair price (which is the reason TV-shows like “The Price is Right” can actually exist).”

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This is why—as with nearly every part of your sales and marketing efforts—it’s a shifting game that works best when you’re willing to keep agile and experiment frequently. 

How to Hire a Sure-fire Salesperson (via @Infusionsoft

When you build your sales team, you’ve got to be certain that you’re getting the best. Performance is crucial, but turnover in a sales team can be one of the most difficult storms to weather because downtime costs you in follow up and ultimately in lost revenue. You can avoid these kinds of challenges by making great hiring decisions up front.

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This article gives you some important details to keep in mind when you make your next sales hire. 

How Connected Things Will Change The Future Of Customer Experience (via @Forbes)

The future of sales is right around the corner with the internet of things.


This may not affect you right now, but the long view could affect how you think about the tech you use today. In this podcast, Tim Joyce, chief innovation officer at Xerox, talks about how future technology will create a better customer care architecture. Where connected things report back and predict customers’ needs, and help resolve them—maybe even replace customer care associates altogether.

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