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March 7, 2016
Sales  |  3 min read

Product Descriptions and High-Res Photos Go a Long Way

By Madison Jacobs

Part 3 of the "Small Business E-commerce: How to Convert Online Sales" series

Welcome to part III of the Small Business E-commerce: How to Convert Online Sales blog series. In part II of the series, I talked about face to face selling versus selling online, how to identify your ideal buyer and how to adapt your online messaging to appeal to your buyer’s needs.

In this post, I will be talking about how to create great product descriptions and the importance of using quality product photos.

Create great product descriptions

When you are sitting down and writing out the description for one of your products, it needs to be clear and concise. It needs to focus on what the product can do for the buyer, not just what the product is. You have to make the product’s solution immediately apparent in its description. So, when the buyer reads the description, they can say, “Oh yeah, I need that product to solve this problem.”

The idea is to make your products irresistible to your buyers so they can’t turn away without making a purchase. Just think about a time you've seen something online with a great product description that offers you the solution you were looking for. Most likely, you purchased that product without thinking too much about it. You want to create that same shopping experience for your customers.

Using sharp, high-resolution photos

The truth is, if people can’t clearly see what they are thinking about buying from you, they aren't going to buy it. You need to use detailed, crisp, high-resolution photos taken by a professional photographer (not with you cell phone camera). If you can, provide multiple views of the product to provide as much visual detail as possible to your customers.

Also, depending on what you sell, a video demonstration might also be really useful. The advantage of using a video is that it gives buyers a more realistic view of the product in action than a still photograph can.

Great product descriptions

Having great product descriptions and using high-resolution pictures are two important parts to successfully selling products online.

In the final part of the series, I will be covering how to write compelling sales copy, how to use social proof to boost trust and how you can handle purchase anxiety upfront.


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