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March 10, 2016
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5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Small Business E-Commerce Storefront

by Megan Totka

If you’re like many businesses without a brick-and-mortar building, you may need to jazz up your small businesses e-commerce storefront in order to grow your small business. Have you ever stopped to consider how your prospective customers see your online storefront?  Do you think your website attracts customers and entices them to purchase your products without being able to touch or try them until they show up on their doorstep? For small businesses that sell online exclusively, this is a common problem that is all too frequently overlooked. In fact, businesses that make use of the web are expected to grow 40 percent faster and are almost two times as likely to create jobs. This just reiterates the importance of making sure your businesses maximizes its web presence. So how do you demonstrate your differentiators like your values, involvement in the community and customer service? Here are 5 ways to jazz up your online store:

Share your story

A great way to appeal to your online customers is to share your story. If you know your target audience, find things to share that resonate with them to generate a response. For instance, if you sell food that’s made of locally grown, organic ingredients, share this on your website. Remember to also introduce yourself and your team. Share your passion, your background and your goals. Don’t forget to use images and videos so your customers can see your face and meet you virtually.

Use refined images that engage customers

When it comes to telling a story online, images are a must-have. If you’re not skilled in the area of photography, consider hiring a professional or someone who’s good behind the camera to best showcase the products you sell. Make sure the photographs on your website flow in a way that makes sense to your prospective clients and show a true representation of your brand. Don’t forget about your logo. Does it portray your business the way you desire? Will your customers remember it?  It’s worth the money and effort to get your logo right.

Extend your online presence

Use social media to build a community around your business. Find the places where your customers are and let them interact with you.  Promote your social media presence in your emails and on your website so your customers know to like you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter.

Welcome feedback

To engage yourself with your customers beyond the transaction, ask for feedback. To better know your customers, seek feedback via online polls, surveys and social media. Consider allowing review options on your online store and keep your eyes peeled for third party review listings on Yelp or Google. 


Blogs are much more important than many people realize. They afford you a way to personalize your website, boost your rankings on search engines and give you a way to indirectly promote your products or services. The lynchpin of success for small businesses both on or offline many times boils down to the qualities that make the business stand apart from its competitors. Use these tactics to make your online store more appealing and engaging and boost your business. How do you demonstrate your differentiators to engage new customers? Make sure you're driving customers to your website in the right ways. 

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