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November 30, 2016
CRM  |  8 min read

3 Ways that CRMs are Revolutionizing the Branding Message Game

By Brendan Yong 

The boss walks in, struts over to your desk, and asks the dreaded question:

What’s the effectiveness of our outreach campaigns? Can we measure that? Is marketing working for us?

Increasingly, with our prospects going all over the place in different channels and platforms, consuming an increasing amount of content in widely varied places, reaching the intended audience with the right content at the right time can be hard, to say the least, much less measuring it.

That’s not all. We used to be able to focus on just one medium and adjust writing styles to those platforms, but as the Social Examiner points out, just across the most basic of platforms there are four ways to “adapt” your content differently to suit the audience consuming it on that particularly.

Fail to observe your audience and one mistake can backfire in a big way.

But before you despair that it’s almost impossible to measure all your marketing activities across your pipeline, there is still hope:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or as I like to call it, the home base of marketing.

Why use a CRM?

Here’s the TL;DR version:


  1. Our prospects are everywhere
  2. We need to find where they are at and what mode of information they consume on that platform
  3. We need to ensure that our brand messages are constant across the different channels; i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  4. We need to use this data to interact and communicate back to the prospect and inform our marketing operations what is working and what isn’t


In short, a CRM helps you to organize, arrange, and optimize how and when you “touch” your customers. It acts as a backend engine that keeps a watchful eye on your interactions with your customers and provides helpful ways to refine and repurpose that content in an immensely useful way.

Alright, but not great 

Take my own company ScaleUp, for example. Before we implemented any CRM, we were working “alright”, but we were not great. We marketed ourselves on Linkedin, Facebook, and our website, but those messages were not interconnected with one another.

Worse of all, anytime we wanted to distribute our content, we had to log in and log out of our accounts to post the content, which made us hugely inefficient.

When we implemented smart CRM tools and used it together with Google Analytics, the data started to make more sense—we began to track where our traffic was coming from and aligned our marketing messages to fit that particular channel.

Let’s do a test. Say for example we have a website that we want to test out Facebook advertising for. Whereas previously we would go around to survey people one by one to ask if they heard our spot, we instead use Google Analytics and our CRM to find out the exact number of people that visit our website after the Ads were distributed out.

For demonstration purposes, let's assume that our success metric is defined as new traffic.

It seems Facebook is doing well as compared to our overall traffic, so something we did must be right. We would either refine this campaign further or use it again to test if Facebook is the right channel to focus on.

This then leads us to focus on our efforts on Facebook as our main source of traffic generation.

All your brand’s interactions—consolidated

Another reason why I highly recommend you trying out a CRM is to better understand how your prospects are consuming your brand messages across your social interactions.

With a CRM like Infusionsoft, not only can you keep handy tabs on your prospects and take note of their interactions in real time, you can also see when they’ve downloaded an e-book, dropped their email for a white paper, or just dropped you a message on other platforms.

Infusionsoft Contact activity.png 

Image from

A CRM is a good listening tool that gets the tough backend work done. What better way to kickstart a conversation with a prospect than to say something like, “Hey, how are you doing today? I hope the article you downloaded the other day from our site was helpful.”

Implementing Infusionsoft has helped us to consolidate and centralize all of our social media platforms under one roof, where we could understand in real time what was happening with our messages and how was they were being consumed.

To demonstrate this, let’s show an example. Let's assume that we are selling tickets to a Webinar.

Say for example a prospect (we shall name him as Joe Tester) found us online.

He dropped his email into our contact form and engaged with some of our content as shown in the picture below. 

Infusionsoft Contact Record 2.png

From the moment that Joe drops his email, we were able to consistently engage him via different high-value items, such as an e-book and guides relevant to our core offer,  and eventually lead up to the pitch for the webinar.

Even without speaking directly to Joe, he had engaged our different touch points, was convinced of our brand consistency and message across the different channels, and signed up for the webinar.

Personalize your brand messages to your prospects

Personalized experiences for prospects and customers are fast becoming the norm, especially for service based businesses.

It’s no secret that the customer is increasingly preferring brands that can give them a personalized treatment at every step of the way, including personalized content that are catered to their needs. 

personalization infographic.png


As seen from this infographic, 73 percent of consumers stated that they prefer doing business with businesses that can personalize content to their individual needs.

Simply put, if you don’t innovate and introduce customization and personalization to each unique customer, then you’re definitely going to lose out to your competitors that do. 

A CRM like Infusionsoft can help you achieve that.

CRMs record the first and last names of the prospect, and allows you to insert “merge fields” in your email templates.

Merge fields.png

For example, by using a merge field like “~Contact.FirstName~”, in Infusionsoft, the CRM is able to pull the right data from your contact database (in this case, the prospect’s First Name), and customize the template accordingly.

As a result, you get a personalized and customised template that addresses your prospect directly and personally.

Statistically speaking, this results in 40 percent chance of getting your e-mail read, and a 14 percent improvement in your click through rate, as seen from the above infographic by Contentrific.

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition and revolutionize your brand message, then personalizing your brand message is the way to go.


In your pursuit of creating a branding image and identity for your company, don’t forget that the most important thing that you can bring to the table is a consistent image across every touch point. And you guessed it, a CRM can help get you there.


Brendan Yong is a Certified Infusionsoft Partner and a Marketing Consultant specialized in marketing automation based in Singapore. His company Empathi Solutions helps Asia-based clients build Marketing Systems to Grow Predictable Revenue using Infusionsoft CRM as the primary marketing automation tool.

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