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November 3, 2016
CRM  |  7 min read

3 Things Hurting Your Business That CRM + Marketing Automation Can Help Solve

Starting a business is tough enough, not to mention keeping it all together.

From marketing to sales, business development to production, the everyday tasks of small businesses are immense and can fall apart easily.

But what are the most common problems that every small business faces? More importantly, how can we solve these problems?

In this article, you will learn three of the most common and nagging problems in small business and find out why customer relationship management (CRM) software (like Infusionsoft) remains one of the best solutions to help you overcome those problems—especially when paired with a marketing automation engine.

Let's begin!

1. Chaos in your workflow 

Without a CRM in place, you can expect nothing short of chaos in your workflow. How often have you faced a situation where everything is simply in a mess? You seem to need to dig up places and files, business cards, and file folders just to refresh your memory about an old client?

Without a proper CRM to help you correctly and efficiently file all your interactions with your prospects and customers, you might just find yourself digging for old data hidden in your archive every single day. And that’s a lot of wasted time and chaotic energy spent.

According to Gartner Research, companies that use CRMs to automate their lead management see a 10 percent or more increase in revenue in 6-9 months because of better-arranged data that is up to date and available in real time.

With such immense growth in workflow efficiency and increased control of your data in real time, a CRM is an obvious choice for you if you are looking to scale up your marketing and operations.

2. Spending hours doing repetitive, mundane tasks      

How often have you drafted the same thing over and over again to each new person that you’ve met? If you have, you probably have the template stashed somewhere on your hard drive ready for use.

It might even go something like this:

Hi {insert name here}, 

It was a pleasure meeting you at the event yesterday. 

I’ve read up a bit more about [insert company name here] and I must say I’m eager to hear more about it. Let’s chat more over coffee. 

Might you be free on [insert date, time and place]?



While there’s nothing wrong with using a template, and it does save you an immense amount of time, it can be a hassle if you meet a ton of people. Imagine doing an ad campaign and having to craft a template email 1,500 times!

Our team adopted Infusionsoft to combine our CRM with marketing automation to handle these type of repetitive tasks, we’ve never looked back.  

Infusionsoft has empowered us with the ability to craft niche, personalized campaigns, and emails to prospects, no matter which part of the customer experience journey they embark on.

The most powerful feature perhaps is that our prospects and customers effectively choose which email they want us to send them through their behavior and their responses.

It’s the reason why our prospects warm up to us and why commit just a few hours of work and translate it into years of “lazy marketing”— a term that we’ve coined for automating mundane, repetitive task—because it is that convenient!

Not only can you let go of having to craft painstaking emails that are boring to do, you get to free up your admin headcount because of the automation. Brilliant!

For more information about how you can free up mundane work in your office and focus on the things that matter more, there’s this post about getting more stuff done in less time.

3. No time, time, time 

Here’s a real bugger for most businesses out there. As the saying goes, “Time is money”, and we can’t help but say the same. As The Balance recently said:

“As a business owner, you can't afford to spend your precious time doing $10/hr work when your hourly output needs to be $50/hr in order to turn a profit with your company each week.”

Indeed, few can argue that this is when CRM coupled with marketing automation comes into the picture like a shining hero (without tights and spandex, of course).

With efficient management of your work processes, and by automating your sales processes, it is easy to see why your company can benefit immensely from the amount of time saved.

Now, what would you do with all this time you ask? It’s simple, really.

With CRM and marketing automation in place:

  1. You can focus on business development, which is still an area that is very much manual and more time consuming (read: hard to automate)

  2. Work on your business not in it. At Empathi, we are focused on what we call the “Stage 3” companies; companies that have been started by one or two people but have scaled up to the point that they might have difficulty in getting an overview of their business. Having a software like Infusionsoft actually allowed us to take a step back and stop putting out fires for once and focus on our business. Properly customized, a CRM is your best virtual engine. Think of it like your preprogrammed assistant; never resting, never taking a break. The possibilities are infinite.

  3. Scale into new business units or new revenue sources. Many times things can get so chaotic and messy that it becomes suffocating. Working in one business unit is tough enough, much less having multiple lines of business to care about. If you think that scaling up your business seems like a nightmare, then you might be surprised to know that marketing platforms like Infusionsoft can be preprogrammed for multiple customer journeys and multiple business lines. Simply put, you’re the mind of the operation; leave the work to the system, not you.

A world without order is a scary thought, so why should your business be any different? Many people have the perception that they are always able to scale up their business if they stay in the business, but they are mistaken to a certain extent.

Business owners should and must look into freeing themselves up from the business and create systems that are sustainable for the long term. Only then can we attain the elusive financial freedom that all of us are truly after.

Brendan Yong headshot

Brendan Yong is a Certified Infusionsoft Partner and a Marketing Consultant specialized in marketing automation based in Singapore. His company Empathi Solutions helps Asia-based clients build Marketing Systems to Grow Predictable Revenue using Infusionsoft CRM as the primary marketing automation tool.

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