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March 1, 2016
Networking  |  2 min read


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Clate Mask

Because ICON is right around the corner, several people have been asking me why we hold ICON. We don’t make money on it. In fact, it’s a real struggle just to break even. We have to divert our attention away from the phones at several times during the week, so support and sales can and do sometimes suffer. And heaven knows the amount of time and energy required to pull off such an event might be used to advance other initiatives.

So, why do we do ICON?  Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. ICON is a celebration of Small Business Success, and SBS deserves to be celebrated.
  2. ICON creates a place where savvy entrepreneurs can gather each year to see what’s working.
  3. ICON is a place where, otherwise lonely, entrepreneurs come together to learn and grow.
  4. ICON is a gathering of the small business success ecosystem—customers, vendors, partners, etc.
  5. ICON is a place where business owners can get inspired by speakers and each other.
  6. ICON puts Infusionsoft front and center in the SBS movement.
  7. ICON helps Infusionsoft employees see the impact we’re having on the world.
  8. ICON gives small businesses a shot in the arm of automation.
  9. ICON is a statement to the world of the significance of small business.
  10. Because there’s nothing better than being in a room of thousands of gritty, successful entrepreneurs!

If you haven’t been to ICON, you’re missing something special. Check out to register and get more information.

SBS Idea of the Day: If you’re missing ICON this year, do two things: follow ICON on social via the ICON Facebook page or #ICON17; and make plans right now to attend ICON next year.


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