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March 20, 2017
Social Media  |  7 min read

Why Your Lead Magnet Isn’t Converting on Facebook

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Suresh Thakoor

Facebook is not your website, so don't treat it like an extension of your website. This is the big reason why lead magnets that may work on your website underperform on the Facebook. Before I show you what you need to do for Facebook lead magnets, it's good to get a better understanding of the Facebook platform and why lead magnets fail on it.

Facebook 101

Do you know the only product that a Facebook user buys on Facebook? The product they are buying is connection. Whether it is their friends’ children, silly dog videos, or memes, Facebook is about connection. 

What currency do users use for connection? Their attention. It is the rarest commodity in the world, we are so permeated by distraction, information that only the courageous among us are able to hold the attention for more than eight seconds. Alas, we have been leveled up by goldfish.

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So here we are with our silly e-book that is north of 70 pages that seems to be performing relatively well on our website, and when we run the numbers on Facebook we are gasping for air wondering how conversion rates could be so low with such a highly-targeted audience. You need to know about content velocity.

Dealing with content velocity 

On your website, how frequently are you changing your content? Are you fighting with memes, cat pics, and other competitors posting next to your own content? Of course not. On Facebook, the velocity of what is going on in the newsfeed is warp speed. It's a wormhole of new content, and users are training themselves to be scanners and glean the signal (that which they want to connect with) from the noise.

If you are overtly salesy, you are filtered. If what you offer takes too long to read or implement, you are ignored. If you are like every other boosted post or ad, you are ignored.

I asked Nicholas Kusmich, a leading Facebook ad expert, how he is able to repeatedly get such high ROI's on his Facebook ads for clients. He states, “The reason we get the highest ROIs in the world is because we deeply understand how to generate high-quality leads and turn them into sales quickly. We understand social psychology, social buying behavior, and the 90 percent of the principles and processes that happen below the surface.” Nicholas knows that the heart of the strategy is a high converting lead magnet that follows four social keys.

Four social keys to highly performing facebook lead magnets

1. Specificity = connection

You should be micro-targeting for each ideal customer avatar's demographics and psychographics.

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Think swim lanes. Each customer avatar should be in their own swimming lane, and the lead magnet should be micro-targeted to them. The messaging and the landing page should match as well.

Microtargeting down to the avatar and alignment of messaging and all elements for their swim lane (Facebook ad or boosted post, landing page, lead magnet, and all the messaging around everything) drives connection. Your prospects will know that you understand them and that you speak their language. You know their problems, and you know what their solution is. Interestingly enough, what happens when you feel connected? That amazing word that is very important to all relationships and marketing: Trust is built.

2. Immediacy of consumption and results

We want to escape the filtering mechanisms that occur as Facebook consumers navigate the content jet stream. To catch attention, you need something highly consumable. Checklists, case studies, guides, and tools perform well on Facebook.

Length-wise, we are looking for a few pages (three to five max). We need to remember that the language we choose connects directly with them exclusively. The immediacy of consumption is only valuable if the results are immediate as well. What can you provide them now that gets quick results? If it can provide a quick win and can be immediately implemented, make sure it's in there.

3. Urgency

You can generate better conversions by incorporating some urgency in your post. By adding time sensitivity to the post and letting the user know that there is a looming deadline, they will feel the urgency to act and get the lead magnet. You can say something in the post mentioning how at the end of the week the download will be gone so you'd better get it now. Now I wouldn't have urgency on every single lead magnet. Checklists and guides would be better at the urgency pitch whereas I have never seen or implemented a case study lead magnet with an urgency pitch.

4. Shareability

You want to provide value with your lead magnet and to have it shared. What do we share? We share that which we feel is valuable. What is valuable? That which is personalized to us and that we can get immediate benefit from.

So, if you have followed immediacy of consumption and results, and really dialed it in on specificity = connection, inevitable shareability will occur. We want a certain type of sharing to occur. Sharing to a general audience is one thing, but ideally, we want them to share to "lookalikes." If we have an awesome lead magnet for the pianist's, we want someone to take our post and drop it in a Facebook group for pianists. The more specific you are in your targeting and the alignment of the message, the more likely that the sharing will be strategic. 

If you follow these four steps, you’ll see your Facebook ad conversion rates dramatically improves. 

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Suresh Thakoor is a marketing and sales solutions architect and co-founder of the marketing and sales consulting firm, Ananda Solutions. 

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