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December 14, 2015
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Psychology, Perseverance, and Delegation: The Keys to a Toronto Entrepreneurs Success

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Ramon Ray

Like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, Brian Young, owner of Home Painters of Toronto, was exposed to small business and entrepreneurship as a young boy by watching his father run his appliance service business. Day in and day out, he watched and learned the aura and organized chaos of running a business and developed an understanding of work ethic as demonstrated by the long hours, dedication and commitment that his father poured into the business. It was not a life he envisioned for himself, but it would be the life and journey he’d later take on.

In 1987, at the age of 18, Young was introduced to the painting business by a friend while in University.  While initially he was not very excited about the idea, once he discovered how much money his friend made from summer painting he began to give it more serious thought. Young was hungry to start something, so the idea of a successful venture intrigued him. He joined his friend the next fall, and a business was born.

Over the last 28 years, Young has learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when running a small business. Ultimately, for him, it has come down to three simple keys: Psychology, perseverance, and delegation.


Reflecting back on the early days of business, Young can only describe it as reactive. “I was always responding to one crisis or another. Either a complaint from a customer or an employee. It never ended,” says Young. That is when he realized that if he was going to make it running a small business, he had to have the right mindset. “Fundamentally, it is great to have all the techniques and tools to run a business, but before all that, it is psychology.” For Young, it was all about getting through each problem as it arose and not letting each of those problems defeat him mentally. He knew if he could get through the day, then he could get through the week and then the month and the year. Having the right mindset was his base for taking each new challenge as it arose.


The trial and error of running a business is a learning experience. For Young, he learned quickly after dealing with complaints, from both customers and employees, what he needed to do to build a better business. Instead of getting frustrated and ignoring issues, Young took each complaint and digested it, dissected it and built a process to deal with it. By doing so, he was starting to build a more solid foundation for his business, a better place to work for his employees and a better product for his customers. By persevering and not falling victim to the endless minutia that can come with running a business, Young was quickly on his way to building a successful residential and commercial painting business serving the Toronto area. As Young says, “The guy who can persevere and is standing at the end of the day, is the guy who will survive in small business.”


For 23 years, Young operated his business as a one-man army. While that was effective in the earlier years as he developed services and a customer base, it eventually was holding him back from growing the business. He knew to grow; he was going to have to learn to delegate or outsource many of the businesses functions. So he started by breaking down his business into little pieces and hiring people according to the skill set needed for each. He also started investing in technologies that would help him grow. Technologies like Infusionsoft, which he invested in back in 2012 and has helped him grow his revenue by 350 percent.

“Concentrate on one or two of your strongest skill set and delegate or outsource everything else,” says Young. “It is amazing how your business begins to transform once you can do that!”


This article was from Infusionsoft Blog and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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