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March 3, 2016
Marketing  |  4 min read

Ways to Make Your Small Businesses Pinterest-Friendly

Pinterest isn’t just for do-it yourselfers. The insight firm Semiocast tells us Pinterest now has over 70 million registered users, and 70 percent of these active users are in the U.S. The scrapbooking platform is one of several popular social media platforms that small businesses can’t ignore and has quickly become a valuable tool for many businesses looking to boost sales or connect with potential clients. While it has a reputation for being used by predominantly women, it’s actually quite business-friendly. It has much more content than just dream homes or decorating tips – it can offer a lot to business owners of all kinds. It is different than Facebook or Twitter though, because you work predominantly with images. Like the other social media powerhouses, social media monitoring is a must. Marketing with Pinterest is a wise move, so read on to learn how to do it correctly.

How does Pinterest work?

Picture a large corkboard hanging on your office wall. Each time you find a motivating quote you take a pin and stick it on the board so you can refer to it later.  You may also pin awards you receive, pictures of your family or recipes you hope to try one day. This is exactly what you are doing when you use Pinterest for your small business promotions — and everyone can see what you pin. To maximize this social media platform, take a look at these five tips that can help small business owners use Pinterest effectively.

Make Your website Pin-friendly

To encourage visitors to engage with your company’s content, make sure your website has “Pin It” buttons on all of your content.  These are similar to buttons than enable users to share content they like or want to remember on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter.

Brand Your Pins

It takes more time to brand your pins, but it’s time well spent.  Brand the images you upload onto Pinterest.  It’s a smart move because when users turn around and share that image, they share your logo at the same time.  Go ahead and use branding as it makes sense.  Users will be more likely to share your photo if your logo subtly in the corner of the image instead of one with a watermark over the entire image.

Include shopper-friendly information

Take advantage of the way Pinterest users approach the platform – with a shopping mindset. Include as much shopper-friendly information as possible and describe your products and services clearly. Detailed information is helpful, just don’t make products look difficult to use.

Organize your content

Pinterest encourages its user to created themed boards.  Businesses should organize their content by theme too. If you sell home décor, organize your boards so you have a board with pillows, one with wall art and one with couches. Remember that some unwritten rules of etiquette apply, and one of the things not to do on Pinterest is to pin an abundance of pictures at once. Take time to slowly build up your page and choose pictures that truly inspire you.

Engage the community

Small business owners should make it a priority to spend at least an hour each day on social media, splitting their time between the various platforms. Along with sharing new photos of the products you offer, aim to become active in the online community  Do so with sincerity — re-pin content that is relevant to your boards, answer consumers’ questions about your products and reply with thought out comments on others’ posts. 

This is a way to build more broad and rich relationships with your current customers and prospects. This network has captured the attention of people worldwide because it is an excellent source of visual motivation and provides individuals and business owners the opportunity to express themselves.  With its own spin on social networking, Pinterest proves successful for many small businesses. 


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