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March 10, 2016
Marketing  |  5 min read

How to Increase Web Traffic with Pinterest

In this day and age it is crucial to have a decent amount of web traffic, and yet I'm amazed by the number of small businesses I see that suffer in this aspect. If you have

this problem, then suffer no more. I’ve ranked several websites in the top three of Google search and today I will share my most beloved tactic with you. But before we dive in, let’s quickly review how Google works:

Google’s search algorithms are ever more favoring content. This means that if you’re not regularly publishing content, you will find yourself lower on the rankings totem pole.

I could go on just about Google alone, but the main points to keep in mind is Google LOVES regularly updated content and it’s doubly effective when you’re using proper keywords.

Words for the wise: I would strongly encourage you to start a blog if you are not maintaining one already. Google's search algorithms aren't moving away from content any time soon and you WILL be left in the dust.

I’m all about maximum output with minimal input. The beauty of this tactic is that you’re repurposing work for a four-fold benefit. It can provide near immediate hits, drastically improve search rankings, and creates lasting, long term traffic. All without an advertising budget.

So without further ado…

Enter Pinterest

Yup. Pinterest is the single most amazing short cut to increasing traffic, and I’ve not met a single person that tried this who wasn’t thrilled with the outcome. The reason Pinterest works so well is because people come to Pinterest for only two things: either for information or to buy. That’s a world you need to be playing in.

The workflow for Pinterest marketing is simple. Just take the web address where your content is hosted and create a pin for it on Pinterest. However, in order to optimize this, you need to understand the principles behind it:

1. Boards on Pinterest help pinners categorize what they pin, making it easier for the entire Pinterest community to search and find what they want. Detailed descriptions with proper keywords are a must for boards and pins alike.

2. The categorization, search, and repin features of Pinterest all lend to content having the greatest chance of going viral. Every repin makes your content more visible to another group of followers, and in turn to their followers, and their followers, and so on. I had one particular blog post that was constantly getting traffic from repins even though my original pin was more than three years old.

3. Numerous hits from Pinterest, paired with the proper keywords on both your web content and your pins, is an indicator to Google that your site is good for that particular topic and your rankings will increase.

4. Pinterest boards are also indexed in Google search, meaning proper keywords in your board descriptions help your boards be found organically.

In turn, this all creates a complimentary snowball effect between Google and Pinterest: More repins exponentially increases your exposure; those repins lead to more web hits; more hits increases traffic and boosts search rankings. Then this is compounded each time you add new pin of your content, which in turn compounds your Pinterest followers, which compounds your repins, which compounds web traffic, and on and on.

See how incredibly efficient this is? The first time I implemented a Pinterest strategy, I had a new website and, maybe, 100 Pinterest followers. But in a matter of maybe three months, my traffic was healthy and the site was ranked No. 1 for the right terms. Think what you could do with 500 or 1,000 Pinterest followers? With a little time and effort, you have a growing referral machine that never gets less valuable and continues to build on itself both within the Pinterest community and Google.

Two things to keep in mind as you’re pinning:

  • Pinterest is heavily image-laden. Be mindful of the images you’re using in your content, as this is what represents the pin and will be a defining element for “repins.”
  • Keyword research is not required, but I argue is a non-negotiable if you want maximum results. You will rank easier on both Pinterest AND Google if you use the right keywords. 

It is my hope that you give this a try and watch the results. Happy pinning!

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Braxton Wood has a passion for leveraging the economics of the Internet and sharing that knowledge with others. He is currently preparing the launch of an online company that educates teens about business. He is also a coach at Infusionsoft. You can follow Braxton on Pinterest and learn more about his company by opting in at


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