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March 14, 2016
Marketing  |  3 min read

How to Get New Customers with Social Media

By Madison Jacobs

Welcome to the final installment of “How to Get New Customers Using Social Media” blog series. In part III, I discussed the importance of creating awesome content, how to use content to generate leads, and how to participate in industry discussions on Twitter. In my final post, I will be talking about interactive landing pages, how to use customer comments in social media, ways you can reward your customers that send your referrals who buy, and how to encourage your customers to engage with you on social media. I will also talk about why you should contribute at local events to get new customers.

Interactive landing pages

When you create landing pages, make sure they are always interactive, which means you should place social elements on the page that people can engage with. Consider using Facebook comments to drive activity and awareness to landing pages. Plus, you can solve questions that prospects have! It’s pretty easy to set up the Facebook comments function on the landing page and it’s free to use. Also, you can split-test to measure performance between an interactive landing page and a static one.

Customer comments

Generally, most people trust the comments made by another person about a brand or a specific product or service that brand offers. You want to let your best customers sell your product or service for you. Always keep any customer comments that you present on social media platforms raw and unedited because you want people to know they are real. Use customer comments on landing pages to help boost social proof.

Reward your customers

Customer referrals are very valuable—invest in them. Reward customers with discounts if their friends purchase your products or services. Host a monthly raffle on Facebook for highest number of customer referrals. You want to make sure that you promote the referral rewards experience as a perk though, not bribery.

Encourage your customers

You want to encourage your customers to engage with you on social media networks, not just follow you. Make your calls to action to drive customers to your social platform intentional and thoughtful. Don’t just tell someone, “Find us on Facebook.” Tell them how. You want to give people a reason to like you and follow you. Offer future discounts or training content when you are asking someone to like or follow you. This way, they stay engaged with what you have to offer.

Contribute at local events

Generating referrals is more than just online marketing. Participate in local small business events and share the knowledge you have of your industry. Tell people about the products and services you offer face-to-face and tell them to connect with you after the event on social networks. Not only will you get referrals, but you will raise local awareness about your business. Using interactive landing page, leveraging positive customer comments on social media, and landing pages, rewarding customers who send you referrals that buy, encouraging customers to engage with you on social networks, and contributing to local events can all things that can help you get more customers.

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