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March 10, 2016
Social Media  |  3 min read

Generate Leads with Great Content and Customer Involvement

Let’s chat about creating quality content, how to generate leads using content and how you can participate in industry discussions on Twitter.

Creating awesome content

Creating great content isn’t always easy. Reason being because the content you create is not about you, it’s about your customers. When you think about the forms of content you want to create and the message you want it to deliver, you have to focus on answering practical questions that are on the minds of your prospects and customers. What are their pain points with your product or service? How can you create a blog post or a video that will help address their issues? What are the questions you hear the most from prospects about your product or service? You have to craft your content so that it serves their needs. To get some data around what kind of content your prospects want, ask them! When people sign up to receive content from you, ask them what they are looking for. Give them the option to opt-in to certain types of content. If someone only wants videos, only send them videos. Always promote your content using social media. But keep in mind, social media is not just a platform for you to push things out, make sure you engage in conversations about your content.

Using content to generate leads

If you have great content, people will want to sign up for it. But, they won’t just do it. You have to ask. Consider a 1:10 ratio of self-promotion to great content. For example, for every tweet you send that promotes a product or service you offer, send 10 tweets that promote educational content that helps your prospects and customers educate themselves about the product, versus just telling them it is something you sell. Also, if you have a blog, you can generate leads at the top and bottom of blog posts. Always make it easy for people to opt-in to receiving your content. We will talk about creating interactive landing pages in the final part of the series.

Participating in industry discussions on twitter

TweetChats and discussion on #hashtags are a great way to generate referrals and create awareness. Participate on a regular basis and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Remember, you want to passively self-promote when participating in industry discussions on Twitter. Your contributions to the conversation are what really matter. Also, monitor and respond to meaningful #hashtags in your industry. Creating great content, using that content to generate leads and participating in industry discussions on Twitter can help you get more customers. 


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