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March 14, 2016
Digital Marketing  |  3 min read

Driving Website Traffic Through Customer Interaction

We’ve all been on review websites to search for a product or service and see what their ‘grade’ is. Things like efficiency, customer service and quality are just a few key elements of what can be exposed on these sites. But there are also sites where people go to obtain information on certain topics, that’s an expert site. As a small business owner you want to deliver excellent service and get rave reviews; with sites that allow you to show you can be an expert, you can stand out from the rest driving traffic to your website and growing your business.

We've got some tips for leveraging expert sites to help your business get more exposure and increase your sales:

Be Helpful and Communicate Effectively

Make sure your site has a ‘contact’ link or a way to reach you or your staff in case people have comments or questions regarding your products or services. Communicating with your environment can bring more trust to your business and better word of mouth promotion and referrals. If you don’t have much feedback on your site, you can access expert sites and join the conversations to increase exposure and let others see the value in the knowledge you have to offer.

Answer Questions

When people reach out to you and ask questions, try to get the most accurate or effective answers even if they are not something you would normally respond to. If the customer or prospect is already reaching out to you and your company for advice, that’s a sign of trust. If they have a good experience with you they will continue to spread the word and help you get more leads.

If you use small business tools like these, you can become well known in your industry as an expert. Online review sites like Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn are indexed well in search engines and can display your name and URL along with your answer. An added benefit is that you can translate top questions and topics into blog posts, videos and more.

You may also want to visit sites like the ones mentioned above to get an idea of how you can benefit from using them. See how other businesses have used the sites and don’t be afraid to network with them, the more you stay active online the better. You will start to grow your trust and soon drive more traffic to your website.


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