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March 10, 2016
Marketing  |  4 min read

5 Facebook Fan Page Marketing Blunders

by Megan Totka  

Businesses of all sizes are flocking towards social media marketing because creative marketing strategies occur somewhat easily through social media. Online marketing, especially through social media sites, is a cost-effective tool available for customer service and promotion.  Small businesses realize this fact. A survey by VerticalResponse showed that 90 percent of small businesses that utilize social media have a Facebook Page, and nearly 70 percent are on Twitter.

There are things small businesses should know about Facebook in order to maximize their Facebook fan page marketing results. Businesses also should be aware of mistakes that may prevent their success. Look at this list of five common mistakes and see if you need to change your social media marketing ways.

Assuming people check your fan page

The majority of your fans only visit your page one time. Usually, fans view your posts from their news feed, with the exception of some highly interactive Fan pages that bring in a number of visitors with ads or other interesting posts. This is largely because many business owners are unaware of how people use Facebook:

  • When people log onto Facebook, they view their news feed. The majority of people use Facebook for this purpose alone.
  • Your news feed only contains certain posts, not every single page you’ve liked or update from your friends.
  • If you have a business Facebook page, all of your fans do not see every single post you make.

Take a look at Facebook Groups. Any time a member of the Group posts or makes a comment, all members of the group receive a notification.

Expecting welcome tabs to draw in fans

Some people think that reveal tabs are practically magical, and because of this reason they are very popular. Unfortunately, they do not help most businesses because of a few reasons:

  • In order for a welcome tab to draw in fans, you have to find a way to get people who are not your fans to like your Facebook page.  Only non-fans can see the version of a reveal tab in its pre-like glory.
  • If you use the like box method to get fans on your page, the new fans still never see your welcome tab.
  • The least expensive way people get fans is through Facebook ads.  If people like your ad, they never see the welcome tab.

Posting in an arrogant way

Hundreds of corporate blogs post in a self-centered way. Every post is about them and them again, leading to very few or even no comments. The same happens on Facebook pages: me, me, me again posts, and the result is minimal likes or comments. It is important to remember to use conversational marketing, but so many marketers do not. As you promote your small business, you need to remember to concentrate on what your audience is passionate about and what interests them. If you don’t, you’re committing a business blog blooper, and you can lose readers over this. If you do not know your audience, you cannot effectively communicate. If you do not ask for responses, you will not get any. If you do not provide stimulation, you won’t get an enthusiastic response.

Over-selling without first creating desire

Your fan page is made up of a bunch of people who are fans of something beyond your offering. You must create a wave of desire for your products. Instead of always selling, spend time engaging and conversing with your fans. Set a goal for 75 percent of your time to be spent on interaction and 25 percent on sales. Companies that focus on themselves tend to end up disappointed.

Lacking an ad budget

The least expensive method to gain targeted Facebook fans is with the help of Facebook ads. The powerful and meticulous Facebook ad platform is unrivaled and momentous. Countless businesses avoid spending money on ads at all costs. They spend a ton of time on roundabout strategies that yield fans that aren’t at all vested in your business. Then when these fans do not produce a return on investment, they are confused. The reason is because those roundabout tactics did not draw in quality prospects. Facebook and other social media websites are a precise and mighty marketing tool if you utilize them correctly. While social media websites may seem daunting, do not let yourself feel overwhelmed by these marketing and communication powerhouses. Take advantage of the tips above to help fix your Fan page marketing mistakes and maximize the quality of your fans. In order to survive in today’s social media-centric world, you need a strong strategy. 

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