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September 2, 2016
Marketing  |  4 min read

5 Things You Need to Read: The Snapchat Edition

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Ben Snedeker

Snapchat is on an epic run right now. Last June, Snapchat’s daily active user base surpassed Twitter. Snapchat was launched in 2011, and it’s already beating out Twitter. Dang.


But why? Well, mainly because posts automatically get deleted, which is the primary feature that sets it apart from the other big social media apps. Users are more apt to share more daring posts, knowing that they only last for a short time. And this is good for businesses, too. Take your Instagram account, for example. It needs to look just so because every post lasts forever, so you spend time ensuring that each post represents your brand image. With Snapchat, you can be less obsessive and more experimental, since everything you post eventually disappears. 

Snapchat’s massive success means more businesses are finding ways to engage with Snapchat now, and in response, Snapchat is making it easier for businesses to advertise.

So, let’s look at what’s up with Snapchat to see if it’s right for your small business.

How To Use Snapchat: A Small Business Guide (via @Forbes)

Let’s start right at the top: how small businesses can use Snapchat. This article gives you the big picture so you can decide if now’s the time to jump into the Snapchat universe.

How to Advertise on Snapchat: A Brand Guide [INFOGRAPHIC] (via @Mediakix) 

Snapchat has begun to open up the platform for advertising. This infographic gives you the skinny on what it takes to get your ads on Snapchat.

Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat Geofilters (And How to Build Your Own) (via @buffer)

Filters are super popular among Snapchat users—essentially, a filter is a graphic overlay that changes the picture in a fun, creative way.

snapchat cat.gif

On-demand geofilters are filters that you can set up to activate in a specific geographic location. Any user in that space will find your filter and could apply it to their photos. Find out how to use it in this article. 

5 Tips for Leveraging Snapchat for Influencer Marketing (via @Sprinklr)

If you’re using influencer marketing as part of your business’ strategy, then you’ve been hearing about Snapchat. This is yet one more reminder why you should stop avoiding Snapchat and set up your account. 

Snapchat Is About to Be Overrun With Olds (via @Gizmodo)

This is how current users of Snapchat are describing the rush of new users to the app. And let’s face it—if you’re under 25 you’re not reading this particular blog post. By far the current user base is youthful: 60 percent of users are under 25, and 86 percent of the user base is under 35. But here’s the thing: Snapchat is evolving, and the user demographic is changing. A Snapchat spokesperson said that the community “enjoys having their parents on Snapchat.” 

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OK. So go for it.


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