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January 20, 2017
Social Media  |  5 min read

5 Things You Really Need to Read: The Pinterest Edition

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Amy Saunders
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You may know Pinterest as the platform where elaborate crafts are executed in five easy steps, hair is always impeccably styled, and every kid’s birthday party is the social event of the year. 

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But Pinterest is about more than impossibly perfect crafts, décor, and style (and their realistically imperfect counterparts: Pinterest fails). 

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Unlike other social networks, Pinterest isn’t a place where users chat with their friends, follow news, or post pictures of their kids. At its core, people use Pinterest for two reasons: to find information or to find products to buy. And that makes it ideal for marketers. 

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has become a major driver of e-commerce: 93 percent of pinners use the platform to plan purchases, and 75 percent of the content on Pinterest originates from companies, according to studies by Pinterest and the research firm Millward Brown.

For small businesses, Pinterest can be an effective platform for building brand awareness, driving online traffic, and for turning social activity into real-life purchases. We rounded up five articles that prove the potential of Pinterest.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide: How to Improve Your Reach and Promote Your Brand (via @Kissmetrics)

What’s the difference between a Rich Pin and a Promoted Pin? What size of image should I use? Are there any men on Pinterest? Do I really have to post on Pinterest every day to gain traction?

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(Hint: Yes! Experts recommend five pins per day.) If you’re asking these questions, start with this introduction to Pinterest marketing from Kissmetrics.

How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Pinterest (via @neilpatel)

minion followers.gif

One advantage of Pinterest over other social networks: A pin is likely to spread beyond your followers, thanks to searches and the fact that most boards are public. Still, without any followers, your pins won’t go very far. This infographic from Quick Sprout provides a step-by-step approach to gaining followers, including verifying your website and following the followers of your competitors. 

Pinterest Ads Manager: How to Promote Your Pins Using Pinterest’s New Advertising Tools (via @ Infusionsoft)

Promoted Pins (i.e. ads on Pinterest) boost the visibility of your pins even after you’re done paying for them: Pinterest says that, on average, Promoted Pins receive 20 percent more free clicks in the month after the start of a campaign. 

If you work for a small business and are looking to get into Promoted Pins, you have good timing: In March 2016, Pinterest opened up its Ads Manager to small and medium-sized businesses for the first time. This article walks you through creating and optimizing your first campaign. 

Pinterest Success Stories (via @Pinterest)

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If your business relates to fashion, beauty, events, food, home décor, and other popular Pinterest topics, you probably have a good idea of your Pinterest content strategy. But what if your business doesn’t inherently make for pretty pins? Find inspiration in these case studies from companies like Bank of America and Petplan Insurance, which use Pinterest for educational content. 

11 Tips on How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO (via @sewatch)

Pinterest is like a visual search engine. And where there’s a search engine, there’s search engine optimization. This article in Search Engine Watch explains tactics that help pinners discover your content in searches, like doing keyword research and writing quality pin descriptions. 

BONUS: The Latest on Advertising with Pinterest (via @Pinterest


Pinterest has been working hard to improve their promoted pins, and now they have some new ones that have been in action since late 2016. With one-tap Pins, video Pins, and app Pins, it creates more ways for your brand and/or product to get found. Take a look at what each of the options are, and if you want to get started, check out their guide to creating and editing promoted pins.


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