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April 15, 2016
Marketing  |  4 min read

5 Things You Need to Read: The Facebook Edition

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Ellis Friedman

The world seems pretty divisive about whether Facebook is awesome or whether it’s the worst and about to irrevocably shatter the Internet.

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But since Facebook is probably not going anywhere, if you’re not already embracing it, you’re behind. Especially with all the new capabilities they’re almost continuously launching to great bravodo or in secret.

So in short, get with the Facebook program! Here are five articles to get you going. 

10 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Small Business (via @kimgarst) 

Apparently Facebook Live has been a thing since the late fall or so, but it’s gotten much more visible over the past month or two. So can you use it for your small business? Of course you can!

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Kim Garst has 10 tips for how to use Facebook Live, including giving a behind-the-scenes take on your business and holding interviews.

3 Unconventional Facebook Advertising Strategies That Work (via @B2Community)

Facebook advertising can be super cool—like creating highly exclusionary audiences for more effective targeting. Yeah, it costs money and yeah, you have to figure out the basics, but you can really make Facebook ads do a lot of work for you and your business. Please add “Facebook advertising” as a friend.

Facebook Launches Messenger Platform with Chatbots (via @TechCrunch)

We’re one day closer to the rise of the machines! 


During this week’s F8 conference (Facebook’s annual developer conference), Mark Zuckerberg debuted the ability for brands to use bots through its Messenger platform. So basically, people can text with and buy stuff from a bot. Maybe one day business bots will be as ubiquitous as sponsored posts. 

Our Favorite Facebook Toll + 16 Amazing Pages That We Draw Inspiration From Every Day  (via @buffer)

The Buffer blog makes the roundup again—this time with a post sharing how to use Facebook’s “Pages to Watch” feature, which allows pages with more than 30 likes to analyze lots of data from other business’s pages. The post also features 16 inspirational Facebook pages, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Lyft, and Robinhood.

robin hood men in tights.gif

(Oh, not that Robin Hood?)

Check out those pages to visualize your own Facebook page mood board. 

How to Find Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Basketball Game (via @TelegraphTech)

If you don’t have a Messenger bot and your thumbs are all tuckered from messaging, consider shootin’ some hoops with Facebook’s Messenger basketball game. 

space jam.gif

Nope, not a typo: Now you can not only waste time on your Facebook feed, you can waste time in your Messenger app playing basketball.

You’re welcome.

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